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Prepared to Repair (Site Repair)
The area is building.Services - Repair of apartments, houses and commercial objects.The market is Ukraine.Our role is to develop (update) the company’s website.Duration of cooperation - 01.08.22 - 05.02.23
Type of payment - fixed payment
Market analysis is 10 hours.Development of the project - 200 years
Testing - 10 years

The tasks
A good analyst.
Promote the marketing efficiency of the site (% CR)

The new structure of the site
New structures of pages blocks
Each service on a separate page.
New meaning of packaging
The partial re-design.The IP phone.What I was done
They developed and updated the structure of the site, modified the structure of the blocks on the pages under the psychology of the user behavior.- Developing separate pages under the skin service of the company, delivering the product informatively packaged and understandable for the potential customer.Partly updated website design.Connect the IP phone.Advertising platforms Google, Facebook and Facebook have been connected to the site.Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.Results
At the moment the customer has a professional website of the company which 100% covers its functions, receives applications of potential customers, and has a quality analytics to make the right decisions in the company.The site is designed taking into account the features of advertising platforms, so the site can work with Facebook and Google Ads traffic.The project team
UX / UI designer.The web developer.Project Manager .The copywriter.
Work details
Budget 1000 USD
Added 11 July 2023
Ivan Berezhny
Ukraine Zaporozhe  3  0

Available for hire Available for hire
3 Safe completed
On service 2 years