Anna D.

ФрилансерыAnna Druhova

Украина Бровары, Украина
9 месяцев 21 день назад
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Personal details
Brovary, The Kyiv Region
e-mail: [email protected]; skype: anna_larkyn
Date of birth: 10 March, 1988
Place of birth: Brovary

Education and qualifications
01/09/2003-01/06/2005: studies on the courses of secretary of leader;
01/09/2005-31/05/2007: studies in the university of culture and art on speciality is a manager of international tourism, translator;
01/09/2007-31/05/2010: passed on speciality of manager of management organs, connoisseur of documents. Confer a qualification is Bachelor
01/09/2010-31/05/2011: study in in the university of culture and art on speciality of management organs, connoisseur of documents. Master's degree
19/12/2012-12/03/2013: National Aviation University on course Basics of Linux system administration.
december 2014: Software tester course in Cursor.
2015: engaged in myself study and attend courses in engineering sciences. Also I'm learning English.

Employment history
27/05/2008-31/03/2009: Secretary to the director of TM O’STIN. My duties included: event guests, execution orders leader etc.
01/08/2010- 20/02/2012: Operator of PC in shop Furshet. Were promoted to Senior Operator.
4/04/2013 — 30/05/2013: The system administrator at FOP Chaika V.P.;
15/07/2013 -26/05/2014: Online content manager and moderator at Slando;
10/2015-02/2016: Manual Tester at the Supsystic. My duties included: testing plugins, support clients, writting FAQs and articles about plugins for site;
05/2016-now: Content manager (add items to online shop site).

Additional information
Active, sociable, I am easily taught. Sure user the PC

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