Markiyan-Mykola H.

ФрилансерыMarkiyan-Mykola Hachevskyy

Польша Katowice, Польша
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возраст 21 год
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Microsoft .NET
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Markiyan-Mykola Hachevskyy

Address: 37 Powstańców, Chorzów, Poland

E-mail: [email protected]

Nationality: Ukrainian

Personal statement

  • I am currently the student of the first year (masters degree) in Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa in Chorzow, Poland (full time). Specialization - Project Management - Junior Project Manager (developed in partnership with IBM).
  • Finished bachelor's degree in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine, the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (Specialization – System Analysis).
  • Have initiative and can work as part of a team.
  • Adaptable and quick to learn new skills.

Computing and Other Skills

  • Applications: “Microsoft Visual Studio” ( .NET, WPF, ASP MVC ), “PostgreSQL Server”, “Microsoft SQL Server”, “Sublime Text 3”, MS Word/Exel/PowerPoint, OutLook, SourceTree.
  • Programming Languages: C++, C#, SQL, HTML, XAML, CSS.
  • Upper-Intermediate English level; Ukrainian and Russian native speaker.

Individual projects

  • Undergraduate thesis«English 4 everyone» 

The main goal of this project was to develop an app for students and pupils, which will provide an opportunity to test the user's language level and improve it by passing some exercises. As a result I create a model of an educational application that contains the basic functions to user needs, using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

  • Individual Project: «Periodic table»

The main goal of this project was to develop an application which will contain periodic table of chemical elements using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), PostgreSQL Server, «Npgsql» and «Mono.Security» libraries.

  • Website for a music band «Twenty one pilots»

Multipage website which includes band history, tour information, new albums, photo gallery and much more.

Personal interests

I like traveling, reading, designing, playing the guitar, singing and playing soccer.

Навыки и умения

  • C# — от 300₴ за месяц
  • Microsoft .NET — от 300₴ за месяц

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