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Бангладеш Дакка, Бангладеш
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I have been working in photo retouching  clipping path, multi path, background remove, masking for 3 years. I am constantly developing in order to go along with the trends and requirements in my services industry.

I try to take into account all the details before taking the project to work.

If you have any questions - I will answer.

With pleasure I will do a test photo processing if necessary. Both on a paid basis (if there is similar processing in the portfolio, but you are interested in looking at the result of processing your particular sources), and on a free basis (if I would be interested to work with your material and this work will be placed in my portfolio).

From myself I can guarantee quality, availability and timeliness.

Portfolio in profile.

Best regards, jasim.

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5 ₴photo processing

Обработка фото

photo retouching, clipping path, multi path, Hair masking, background remove


5 ₴photo processing

Обработка фото

photo retouching , clipping path, multi path, background remove, masking