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Украина Киев, Украина
24 дня 5 часов назад
Свободен для работы свободен для работы
возраст 34 года
на сервисе 1 месяц 16 дней

  • Front End Developer
  • HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript(ES6)
  • React.js/Redux.js


1341 место из 7835
HTML/CSS верстка
3791 место из 22356
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Tech Skills:

-JavaScript (ES6)









-CSS(SASS, Flexbox, Bootstrap)

-Responsive Web Design


-English (Pre-Intermediate)

Навыки и умения


Go to Goal

Javascript Javascript

Technologies: React.js, Redux, Axios, Adaptive Web Design, WebPack, GitHub.

About: Unique project dedicated to childhood. The main idea is to improve child-parent relationship, teach a child how to be responsible and follow the scheduled timing set by the parent.
The platform consists of three pages: homepage, dashboard, and contacts.
When registering, a user can create a main goal with total hits points(e.g.: bicycle = 2000 points, new cellphone = 5000 points, laptop = 7000 points, Playstation = 8000 points, monowheel = 9999 points, etc.). As well, the user has to create tasks with any amount of points (e.g.: brush your teeth = 20 points, walk with a dog = 50 points, do homework = 200 points, etc.). Once a task is completed, the points from it are added to the main goal progress bar. Once the progress bar points are 100% - the goal is achieved and the user can come up with a new goal and start adding new tasks.

-Creating Authorization page
-Provided validation for users
-Implemented feature to remain logged in when reloading the page
-Achieved successful communication with Backend
-I am a temporary Team Lead


Film library

Javascript Javascript

Technologies: JavaScript(ES6), API, HTML5, CSS, Adaptive Web Design(mobile first), WebPack, GitHub.

About: This film library site is the result of a three-week Vanila JavaScript training. The project was created by five students during the Bootcamp course. The site consists of a main page with a collection of films and a page with their description. While on main page, users can group films into three categories; add/remove movie to/from favorites; sort them by name, date ( ascending and descending); search for a particular movie by its name. Also we have implemented an infinity scrolling (on the main page) and preloader (on both pages).

Responsibilities: was creating the site search bar, sorting abilities, infinity scrolling and preloader.



HTML/CSS верстка HTML/CSS верстка

Technologies: HTML5(BEM), CSS(SASS, Flexbox), Adaptive Web Design(mobile first), Gulp(npm), GitHub.

About: The simple site, without logical functionality, made by three students during the Bootcamp course. The project was divided into three parts.

Responsibilities: was bringing together the first two blocks. I also was a Team Lead and merged the entire project on GitHub.



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