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Украина Харьков, Украина
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Alex K.


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 Dubovik Alexander

[email protected]

+380 50 775 08 98



Start a career as a junior developer and in a few years become a great team lead. I have basic knowledge in web (js, php, css, html). I create applications to work with MySQL. Strong knowledge of C #. Quite a lot of work with WPF. Have an experience with Visual Studio, Unity 3D, IntelliJ Idea. Got some knowledge about LINQ, TypeScript.


Languages: C#, SQL, PHP, JavaScript

Experience with .Net Framework, IntelliJ Idea, Unity3D, CodeIgniter

Have experience in MySQL, LINQ



Kharkov Radio Engineering College

Specialty: software development.


Up to this moment I’ve created some things:


As a course project, an application for chemist's shop, which can control a shop’s inventory, supply and sell products, also another course project – a 2D arcade and 2D maze game that has been made with Unity.

At Internship in company “Telesens” small modules to share page info in social networks and dual authentication with QR code.

In iQueSoft worked on "J&C Academy" project, CRM

Additional information

English: Intermediate

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