ФрилансерыMohayman Al-azawi

Инженер конструктор механик самолёта и машина строения
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Украина Борисполь, Украина
1 месяц 21 день назад
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возраст 30 лет
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  • ProE/Creo
  • solidworks flow simulation
Mohayman A.


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Mohayman saad

Data of birth : 12/11/ 1988

Full Address : Kiev / Ukraine, 

Istambul / Turkey

Social status : Married

Тelephone (Mobile ): +380 93 700 77 36 , Viber: +380936778744

E-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]


The Pursuit To reach my target of finding a job through which I can refine my 

knowledge in the field of aircraft engineering and to apply what I have learned 

during my academic years.


Arabic – mother language


Russian Русский 

Ukrainian Украинский


NAU KHAI (Kharkov)

MS.B in aircrafts engineer (aircrafts and helicopters mechanical & turbo 

engines) from NAU KHAI ( Kharkov international aviation university ) 2015

Work Experience

A) Engineer-constructor

Feb 2009 - Jul 2013 (4 years 6 months)

KhAI delta plane group

IT-consulting / Services / Production of equipment

Building civil and sport delta planes with European standards

B) Aircraft Engineer

July 2013 - Aug 2015 (2 years 2 months)

KhAI UAV group

IT-consulting / Services / Production of equipment

HAI UAV GROUP is Club for the design and creation of UAV and 

scientific aviation projects

C) Designing Engineer-constructor

Aug 2015 - Sep 2016 (1 year 2 months)

АNG Ukraine and DeF-C company

IT-consulting / Services / Production of equipment

Company ANG is one of the well-known Ukrainian airlines for aircraft 

construction and creating light passenger airliners for 4..6 passengers, the 

aircrafts made by toe fundamentals of the American and European 

standards of IATA and EASA.

DeF-C company Industry and Manufacturing

Engineer projector of a plane of a structure in a special aostring of aircraft 

and units (UAV) , aircrafts made by toe fundamentals of the American and 

European standards of IATA and EASA.

D) Mechanical Engineer projector

(January 2018)-(April 2018)

Mechanical Engineer projector at Mechanismus company

E) MainMechanical Engineer 

(July 2018)-till now

Main Engineer for mechanical projects at smart space company


1. Perform calculations and designing of the fuselage frames, wings, 

engine powerplants and its components ,aircraft control system (ACS), 

engine selection, aerodynamic calculations, strength, using the 

Mathcad & Exel system,

2. Research and modernization projects

3. Performing 3D models using the system Catia v5 v6 / Siemens NX 

7,5- 8,5 / Creo-3 pro-E / Solid works SW / COMPASS-3D,

4. Drafting drawings and documents for the Unified System for 

Design Documentation (ESKD) and the system (ISO),

5. Preparation of a technological map for the manufacturing and assembling 

of the parts,

6. Construction machinery and pneumatics,

7. Preparation and Drafting parts using CNC (TPA) System ,laser cut ,


1. Analysis of the technical characteristics of the equipments,

2. Ability to fix the positive and negative aspects for any of the product ,

3. Ability to analyze aircrafts and helicopters requirements specification ,

4. Ability to analyze turbine engines and mechanics of the aircrafts and 

helicopters requirements specification

5. Ability to work on computer during the programs Microsoft officeword 

and exile , power point.

*Engineering programs ,Catia, Siemens NX, Soldworks ,pro-E creo 3, 

Mathcad , Ansys

6. Translation languages Arabic English Russian as a technical dictionary

And vice versa,

Courses, trainings, certificates

Engineering 3D programs Catia, Siemens NX , Soldworks , pro-E creo 3, 

Mathcad , Ansys


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