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Viktoriia Bybel                                  

Age: 21
Mobile number: +380988646991
E-mail: [email protected]  


April 2011-2012
Poetry club «Yablyko», Buchach.
Founder and Supervisor
June 2013
Restaurant «Park», Lviv.
July – August 2013
Café «Derynu», Lviv.
October 2013 and today
Shop «Radio-controlled Models», Lviv.
- the largest market and repair center in Ukraine.
Manager, assistant, trainer
September 2015 and today
 Nationwide project ‘Everyone Can Help’
Founder and Supervisor 

Higher education:

2012 -2016 pp.
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology
Computer engineering
4nd year (full-time, budget)

Fluency in foreign languages:

English –advanced level.

Russian - advanced level. 

Polish – intermediate level.

French – basic level.
German – basic level.

Realized projects:

  • Оrganizer of the project «Yablyko»

In April 2011 I created poetic club «Apple» for young people.

We arranged more than 10 poetry readings and workshops during a year.


- searching premises for events;

- support and motivate young poets;

- searching people who conducted master classes;

- searching young poets;

- the arrival of poets from other cities to share experiences;

- placing posters about organized events around the city;

- etc.


  • Оrganizer Radio Model Courses for Children

This project lasts for 2 mouth in order to teach children how to control helicopters. During my work in the shop «Radio-controlled model» I managed to persuade shop owner to issue me a separate room and several radio-controlled models for teaching children to manage quadrocopters and helicopters.


- creating posters about the event;

- searching interested children and parents;

- after setting groups (5 to 10 children per week) appropriate training;

- repair damaged models;

- maintenance of cleanliness in the room.


Founder of the all-Ukraine project: «Everyone can help»

Twenty-five cities work together for gathering donors from all Ukrainian regions for donating their blood, near 600 people participated.


- establishing concept of the project;

- preparation of all necessary documentation;

- searching regional coordinators;

- control of the coordinators;

- working with the media;

- PR social networks (VK, Facebook);

- analysis of the data and reporting on the project;

- support of coordinators;

- etc.  

For more information: https://vk.com/anyone_can_help

Courses and trainings:

  • Was a participant at Simulation game (educational innovations "КRОК")
    "КRОК" - cases of personal development as a team member.

The event, combining elements of the debate, training, quest. Unique design innovative education with enhanced career guidance elements.
For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1592981524283775/

  • A participant of the project "Your Country. Uzhgorod ", 16-19 July 2015, Uzhgorod.    

The event gathered participants from all Ukraine to learn history and culture of the city.

  • A participant of Camp "FRI Open Camp", 6-11August 2015 Kharkiv.

The event gathered participants from all Ukraine to learn project management.

  • A participant of Campus English Club, 5-15 Oct 2015 Lviv.

The event gathered participants from all Ukraine to learn English with native       speakers from USA.

For more information: https://vk.com/campusenglishclub

  • A participant of the project «Your Country. Pereyaslav Hmelnitsky», 16-19.10 2015.

Event gathers participants from all Ukraine to learn history and culture of the       city.

  • A participant of «Power Shifts Academic Forum» (23Oct-4Nov 2015) placed in Lyon, France by European Youth Parliament.

“Power Shifts Academic Forum” is a project by the European Youth Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the RWE Foundation. The International Forums are organised by EYP France, EYP Poland and EYP Germany respectively.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/PowershiftLyon2015/

  • A participant of school choir for 10 years.
  • A participant of chess club for 3 years.
  • Training of sales and repairing helicopters.
  • 2 years of weightlifting.

Computer skills: 

  • Basic knowledge in C, Assembler, MySQL, Verilog, Python, PHP.
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VHDL.
  • Basic knowledge of UML, Altium Designer, Aldec HDL, Visual Studio.
  • Computer Architecture and Networks.

Additional data:

Date of birth: 19.02.1994

Personal qualities:
-Active life position, determination, organizational skills; optimism; responsibility, punctuality, creativity, initiative approach, ability to learn quickly.
- Calm character, however, actively and argumentatively advocate my views; friendly, sociable; have the ability to analyze information and think logically.

-Fix: 156sm, 50 kg.

Do not have bad habits.

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