Andrii S.

ФрилансерыAndrii Saiak

Украина Ивано-Франковск, Украина
1 день 14 часов назад
Свободен для работы Свободен для работы
возраст 32 года
на сервисе 1 год


Веб-программирование 1
3786 место из 13241
Разработка чат-ботов
54 место из 124
Позиция в общем рейтинге 160
  34670 место из 317325


Skills and abilities:

- Deep knowledge of PHP

- Good knowledge of Node.js, Python

- Understanding of the concepts OOP,TDD, their deliberate use

- Design and optimization of architecture application

- Knowledge of mysql (knowledge of the main types of storage and features, transaction, triggers, etc.), the experience of the design and optimization of databases

- Good knowledge of NoSQL (Mongodb, Redis)

- Ability to work with xml, json, csv

- Experience with version control systems SVN, git

- Experience with Laravel 5, Symfony, ZF, Doctrine

- Experience with high load and optimization, administrative and technical support servers

- Good knowledge of Linux, MacOS

- Experience in development of multi-threaded solutions

- Knowledge of services (Apache, MySQL, Nginx, Sphinx, Redis, German, Memcache ...)

- Knowledge of APIs (Facebook, AdMob, Google Analytics, Telegram ...)

- Development of client applications in JavaScript (React/Redux)

- Knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4

- Experience in developing IOS/Android mobile games (Cocos2d-js)

- Knowledge of crypto exchanges APIs (cctx, BitShare, Yobit, CoinmarketCap, Electrum, Shapeshift, Kuna, Wex...)

- Experience with WebRTC

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