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Professional and results-oriented lawyer experienced in IP, offering excellent analytical and problem solving

skills, highly effective at networking and developing an impressive reputation that clients can trust.


MBR Partners June 2013 — December 2013


Litigation documents drafting.

Participated in civil and criminal litigation.

Adviced clients on IP contracts conclusion and execution.

Consulting on legal matters.

Reviewing and analysing large volumes of law documents. Keeping legal database up to date as well as

tracking process to ensure efficiency and compliance with legislation.

Support to a legal team.

Collegium February 2014 — August 2014

Legal Assistant

Issued legal opinions in IP matters.

Prepared Applications for IP registration.

Participated in civil and criminal litigation.

IP Contracts Drafting.

Vdovychen and Partners June 2016 — July 2016

Junior Associate

Produced legal documents, including contracts and real estate closing statements.

Prepared for trials by organizing exhibits and other key evidence.

Investigated facts and law of cases, using pertinent sources to determine causes of action and to prepare


Produced legal documents such as briefs, pleadings and appeals.

ILC August 2016 - currently


Consulting on intellectual property rights matters, commercial, civil and corporate law, labor law;

Drafting and legal support of conclusion of contracts (particularly but not exclusively with nonresidents),

as well as commercial/business contracts;

IP rights protection, registration of intellectual property: - assistance in trademarks registration (drafting

and filing applications for registration, trademarks search results analysis, representig clients before State

Enterprise "Ukrainian Intellectusl Property Institute" (UKRPATENT), writing reasonable responses to the

Patent Office's (Ukraine, Russia and Belarus) actions (responses to total/provisional refusal of protection); -

copyright protection and registration; - legal suport of registration intellectual property objects in customs

register of IP rights;

Drafting legal documents (civil, commercial litigation), claims, official letters, appeals, complaints;

Conducting IP Rights Due Diligence;

Complete legal support of film production from preproduction on out to film distribution (including

national films as well as international co-production);

Drafting a bills on IP legislation amendmends;

Representing clients before courts within Ukraine


Ivan Franko National University of L`viv

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

World Intellectual Property Organization (Distance Learning)

(Course provides overview of the fundamentals of IP law and contains information regarding specific areas of IP


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