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The only one thigs that always keeps me going is that I adore what I do !

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Hello everyone,my name is Daria and I am a qualified specialist in translating from English into Ukrainian.

I have an experience in this field, i was living abroad for a couple of months,sure i worked there ,and thats what helped me to lift up my level of English,to make it almost fluent and perfect. Also studied at the faculty of foreign languages

( higher linguistic education) .My native language is Ukrainian,I also have a good proficiency of Russian.The English language isn't just a job for me,its something what I am created for,something what i can call my mission,my sense of  life.

I can offer you such type of translations : 

-Economy (financial)

- Technical translation

- Legal translation

- General topics

- Literaly translation

You can find me here :

Viber +38(098)9216796

Ma Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008222978242

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