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Украина Полтава, Украина
7 месяцев 15 дней назад
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возраст 23 года
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 Lytvynenko Vladyslav 

 Junior developer


    Poltava, 36000, Ukraine

   +380957116351, Viber, Telegram

   [email protected]


 At the university for a long time studied the following programming languages, such as: C, C ++, C#.  Also trained in Javascript, CSS, HTML.


2017-10 2018-09

Test Technician

Jabil Circuit Limited

Perform Radio Frequency Bench, Radiation Patterns, Thermal Cycling, Vibration, and Passive Intermodulation on spaceflight components in accordance with test procedures.

Prepare test reports.

Assemble critical spaceflight hardware.

Participate in continuous process improvement activities.

Clean and maintain test areas and equipment such as: Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers and Thermal Chambers.

Equipment Calibration.

2017-07 2017-10

Manufacturing Technician

Jabil Circuit Limited

Coordinates line reconfiguration and machine move activities, including equipment arrival, positioning and installation, and scheduling of support groups (Machine Support, Facilities, MIS, etc.) using the approved communication process.

Designs and / or procures production tooling, including stencils, vacuum plates, wave solder pallets and product-specific fixtures and jigs.

Verifies that machine maintenance is performed as scheduled on assigned line.

Continually strives to balance and optimize line throughput, including efforts to minimize changeover downtime (i.e. common set-ups).

Monitors machine management data in order to maximize utilization and minimize machine-generated scrap.

Creates and maintains wave and reflow soldering profiles.

Ensures that process parameters are within acceptable tolerances for products and components, and results in solder quality that meets IPC requirements.




2014-09 2018-06

Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, Computer Engeneering, Bachelor's degree, 2018

PC Architecture; diagnostics and troubleshooting of computers; replacement of component units of computer equipment.

Structure and Administration for Windows, Linux, Unix; network routing.

Data transmission technology TCP / IP, Ethernet, WEB-technologies.

Removal of viruses; software setup.

Structure of Atmega (platform Arduino), PIS.

Development of electronic circuits, circuit simulation, layout boards.

Installing and configuring the database MySQL.

Programming languages Assembler, C / C ++, SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML.

Libraries STL, MFC / VCL, Win32 API / POSICS, winsock.

Object-oriented programming.

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