Iryna Z.

ФрилансерыIryna Zhuravlova

Украина Днепр, Украина
2 года назад
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на сервисе 2 года


Javascript 1
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I'm a junior web developer with good understanding of development lifecycle. I have a practical experience in build modern Web applications and components. I can describe myself as fast learner, hard worker and team player. Curious to learn new things by self-education approach.

Languages: HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript (ES5, ES6, jQuery, a bit of Angular).

Tools:  familiar with VCS git, worked with module bundler Webpack, have basic Photoshop skills, confident in using WebStorm.

Other:  user of pre- and post-processors (e.g. SASS, PostCSS), always try to follow BEM methodology, have understanding of OOP and SOLID principles, have experience in using some design patterns, able to build straightforward Node.js apps, have some experience in using SQL/NoSQL databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL).

English level: Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate.

Навыки и умения



HTML/CSS верстка HTML/CSS верстка

Responsive layout (mobile first)

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Веб-программирование Веб-программирование

Adaptive layout + native JS (MVC structure)

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