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тот, что идет один, идет быстрее
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Украина Житомир, Украина
23 дня 21 час назад
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Julia B.


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I am Julia from Ukraine possessing a bachelor’s degree obtained in 2017. I began my teaching career with giving private lessons 3 years ago and took up teaching at a private English school a year after where I am employed these days. I also do professional translations from English-Russian, Russian-English, Ukrainian-English, English-Ukrainian. Few months ago i started working on editing and writing mostly for blogs.

 I take my profession seriously and now It is not only my job, but a lifestyle.  I fully realize the responsibility I have so I start working on project right after I got it and usually complete the next day.

I speak with an American accent due to practice and collaboration with native speaking teachers at the school I work.

I have a lot of hobbies and consider myself as well educated person, I love reading books and documentary films. I also have talent for writing, when I had my own blog about healthcare and active lifestyle I found out that a lot of people are interested in my opinion even if they don't share my point of view, they waited for my next article. I have a lot of inspiration and a lot of topics to discuss. It could be sharing of my own experience, describing point of view, discussing film or particular event. 

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