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Oles Bereshchuk

Hello, everybody! My name is Oles and I’m a professional web developer with over 5 year experience in web development area.

As a competent web developer I have rich experience in building bespoke back-end and front-end solutions. My technology toolkit includes the most current tools and instruments for creation of solid websites and apps. I use PHP 5/7 and PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter to craft rock-solid back-end solutions. Turning on the traffic and your web application purposes I can offer several solutions how to realize these ideas. There are CMS based solution like WP and they will work the best for low- and medium- loaded sites and apps. The PHP frameworks like Laravel and Codeigniter can be successfully applied to medium- and high- loaded sites; and custom MVC concepts are good solutions for any high- and extreme-loaded sites.

Except reliable back-end a website should have sophisticated front-end. I will apply HTML 5, CSS 3.0, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and many other front-end technologies to provide your web app with a responsive interface and exquisite design. And to enable quick and dynamic loading of your content I will use Google PageSpeed Insights and W3C Validator. In order to set your site on the top of the browser search ranking, I will apply efficient SEO technologies.

Thank you for allotting your time to viewing my profile! Will be glad to answer any of your questions and discuss your project. Best regards!

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1500 ₴Лендинг пейдж для компании


Верстка + подключение формы обратной связи.Модальные окна.

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2500 ₴Сайт мебели

Веб-программирование Веб-программирование

Подключен к вордпрессу.В админке можно изменять и наполнять сайт.Сайт работает быстро.

  7  0

3500 ₴Салон камня Granit-Reka

Веб-программирование Веб-программирование

Адаптивна верстка с подключением к вордпресс.

  5  0

250 $MarketHero

Веб-программирование Веб-программирование

Верстка, адаптация под моб.

  6  0

150 $LeadGuru

Веб-программирование Веб-программирование

Верстка с последующим подключением к WordPress

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