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2 года назад
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Hello %Username%, hope you're doing great today!

It is a pleasure to welcome you as a new contact in our network.

In an effort to deepen our Facebook or LinkedIn connections, I would love to assist if you add me “Kubalskyi Ihor” or “Kubalskiy Ihor”.

Kubemake Group develops simple, predictable and scalable business models and sell them as B2B SaaS products.

Kubemake is a software provider company that solves automatization and integration problems for Businesses in all countries.

We specialize in Web development, Web Security, SEO, managing full cycle from “A” to “Z”.

We provide Trial's of our services to help our clients understand the value of our products that can generate the best way of making buying decisions.

Nobody cares about existing features, that's why we want to save your time, demonstrate value and focus on how our services are going to help you:

  Develop your own features

  Scalable predictability in business

  Agile business oriented solutions for every client.

We’ve found out that people who tried our services are 35% more likely to succeed with our solution, even if they just joined a 30 - minute, one-on-one Trial. It’s the fastest way to figure out if our services can help you, get answers to any questions you have and start using Kubemake with which you can easily optimize your workflow. It’ll help you to get the most out of this trial.

If you’re not a decision-maker or a crucial stakeholder, we are asking you to invite one of them to join into testing the Trial with you.

Rather than spending hours trying out to Google and reading documentation, just spend 30 minutes attending a Trial, getting answers to your questions and letting a true expert help you to customize the product to your specific needs and workflow.

Benefits of Trial:

  Business insights and real digits.

  You will not figure out the most important moments on your own.

  The true expert help will tell you when the most important moments are.

  Opportunities to push your business to the next level.

  Personal discount.

Once we have this confirmed I will send over a calendar with invitation to block the time. Could you please provide your Skype ID for the call?

Contact me now and you will save thousands of dollars and huge amount of time.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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