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ФрилансерыMaks Bukach

Украина Киев, Украина
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Programming languages and libraries that I use in my work:
- javascript
- typescript
- jquery
- php
- node.js
- css 3
- html 5
- laravel 5.5
- git
- redis
- mysql
- bootstrap css
- three.js
- ajax
- various libraries to javascript
- Design Patterns

My experience:
- flash programmer to develop games for social networks Enixan (
- Web full-stack developer with priority on back-end, CRM systems and various business solutions. API connections of various companies (google, awardWallet, payment systems). Studio JoinToIt (
- Since 01/10/2017, he went to freelance. All my projects are done on the latest version of Laravel frameworks, which ensures high quality of the final product, and the opportunity to work on the project for many programmers. In my projects, I use actual product development extensions, such as: common design patterns and use of general libraries, which improves the quality of the code and the ability to extend and refine the software by other developers.

Since he signed a document on the non-disclosure of information about his clients in the company where he worked,
My portfolio is available at, where you can leave a request for the project, and I will write to you as soon as possible.

I try to work fast, efficiently!

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10000 ₴my website


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