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-Бухгалтерия: SAP / 1C / QuickBooks / Quantum / Optsy / Field1

-Налоги: Avalara / AVA tax-QB / TAX-sertificates

-Финансы: Bank Reconciliation / R2R / P2P / AR / AP / AO / P2P 

-Отчеты: IFRS / CACT / Magnitude / T9 / RT / BS / IS / NABS / NIBS / SaLREP / Crystal Report

-Работа с клиентами: Corrigo / Verisae / Novolo / SalesForse 

-CRM: Bitrix / Kronos / CATS / OPM

-Маркетинг: FB / GAdw / GAnalytics / Prom certified / Анализ  и мониторинг рынка  + конструктивные решение

-Создание шаблонов для бухгалтерии/контроля/аудита/торговли/баланса/отчетности и других отраслей бизнеса

- Перевод бухгалтерии с QuicBooks и Field1 на 1C. Перевод с 1С в SAP. Интеграция с Битрикс

-Парсинг данных

-Переводы FR / EN / RU / UA 

-Контент менеджер

-Набор текста


Jun 2017- present, Miatech, Inc.

Financial controller 

  • Performing work for the US market, deputy employees responsible for this market and the European market.
  • Work with bank accounts.
  • Invoice control through accounting and remote billing systems.
  • Bonuses accrual to the sales and technical departments employees in accordance with the tasks performed.
  • Financial issues solving with customers.
  • Billing VIP customers for warranty service programs.
  • Work in QuickBooks (correction, verification and billing).
  • Verification of completed acts of work and its correct closure and payment (Field1-OPTSY, 1C).
  • Close communication and cooperation with sales department, technical department, head office, branches.
  • Compilation of a daily report to the company's CFO.
  • Work in 1C (analysis of service programs for new equipment, installation of new equipment, verification of new customers, control of open acts of work).
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance equipment
  • Involved in the project of transition to another system of entering accounting and financial accounting, testing and implementation of 1C for various working groups.
  • Distributing, cost analysis and opening / closing of corporate cards.
  • Support of the sales department in issuing proposals and invoices for new customers.
  • Verification and subsequent creation of consignment notes.
  • Period-End Closing (verification of open acts of work, closure of the banking period and the results of new equipment installation)
  • Reconciliation of financial statements, audit of issued and paid bills, analysis of unpaid bills, analysis of the amount of monthly warranty service.

May 2018 - present, «ABSEL»


  • Development of effective solutions that ensure the arrival of productive traffic to the site and its conversion.
  • Website promotion in search engines and social networks (Facebook, Google AdWords).
  • Tracking and results analysis using Google Analytics and Facebook for Business.
  • Coordination of all Internet advertising.
  • Work with targeted advertising in social networks.
  • Running Google AdWords advertising, daily analysis and solutions for steady growth in targeted traffic.
  • Administration of site, content update, search for new articles and its translation into Ukrainian / Russian if necessary.
  • Comprehensive email marketing, work with various distribution services (SendPulse, eSputnik, Bitrix).
  • Performance assessment of advertising channels, cost optimization, budget allocation.
  • Creation of landing pages using ancillary services (Bitrix, WIX, Get Response).
  • Work with various web sites - Prom, iBud, AllBIZ.

Nov 2012 – May 2017, NBS Lviv (Nestlé Business Services Lviv).

Record-To-Report (АО) accountant, Cash Management & Treasury

Dealing with the markets of Greece, Switzerland and Luxembourg, acting on behalf of both head unit and major employees’ substituent responsible for Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Ukrainian markets.

Dealing with bank statements, bills, online banking.

Downloading bank statements (PDF- analysis, MT940 in SAP- for processing) and bank reports.

Technical analysis of bank files MT940 - correction, error analysis, downloads.

Distribution of bank statements according to the types of costs and revenues in the system directory.

Creation of separate bank statements in the system that are not loaded automatically in SAP.

Analysis, processing and data adjustment for either banking or other accounts.

Quantum programming (currency transactions analysis).

Reports preparation (monthly, quarterly, annual) - bank accounts reports, reports on the account balance, Magnitude, PEC-reporting, Reconciliation Tracker, Treasury report etc. analysis on market demand.

Work on loans (long and short term), deposits, accrual of interest, foreign currencies purchase/sale.

Close cooperation with colleagues, markets, bank employees.

Work routines compilation, procedures update.

Remotely undertook the process of report closure (monthly/ quarterly/ annual) for Luxembourg financial companies.

Testing of the new systems on R&D platforms.

Partook in the process of business separation from the major structures - testing, change control, error analysis.

Web forming on market demand.

Involved in the financial forecasting project, foreign currencies purchase/sale within the remaining balances, analysis of either currency needed to be paid or received from customers.

Automatization of monthly and quarterly reporting system under the department and market initiative.

Involved in a project of consolidation charges of Purina Mastiff customers.

Aug 2012 – Oct 2012, «Askania Distribution West»

Sales representative

Providing advice on company’s goods.

Work with agreements.

Customers’ debt analysis.

Increase in the number of SKU.

Order collection.

Responsible for fulfilment of sales targets .

Marketing activities performance.

Attracting new customers.

Daily reports on accounts receivable.

Planned orders review.

Close cooperation with clients.


2007 - gymnasium “Prestizh” with the profound study of foreign languages in Lviv.

2012 - Economic Cybernetics department, Faculty of Economics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, BA degree.

2012 - Military department of Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy under programme to train reserve officers “Head of food supplies”  .

2013 -  Economic Cybernetics department, Faculty of Economics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, MA degree.

Ukrainian (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent)

Relevant information:

PC skills:  MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, MS  PowerPoint, MS Visio, Adobe Gallery, Windows, Linux.

Other skills: experienced in CRM Bitrix, QuickBooks, Field1 (OPTSY), 1C (8.3), SAP, Avalara(AVAtax), Avanguard Quantum, Corrigo, Verisae, professional experience in the international company, cooperation with other countries (USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Luxembourg, and Switzerland), participation in the launch of local and strategic projects, remote process takeover experience, testing of new financial platforms; experience in customer acquisition, commerce, online banking (HSBC, ING Bank, CITI Bank, RosBank, CIBbank (Hungary), NBG, Alpha Bank, Eurobank (Greece), American Express, Chase (USA)).

International valid passport.

Personal characteristics: competence, responsibility, punctuality, creativity, communication skills, persuasive and active defense of own views, ability to analyze and think logically. Able to assess own strengths and admit mistakes. Always try to improve any process in order to better and faster implement it.

Hobbies: kickboxing, sambo, psychology, trade, business, applied literature.

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