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Vahe G.


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Vahe Ghazaryan

Team Lead and Technical Project Manager


[email protected]


+374 94 405055

Date of Birth:



I am an IT professional with 15 years of experience in software development industry. I have started my career as a software developer, later took responsibility for the technical management of development teams and architecture designs. For the last few years I am also involved in more client facing roles, such as need assessment and business analysis, relationship management with key clients for the enterprise projects. Currently I am looking for a role as a technical project manager.

Areas of Expertise

Supervising, advising , guiding, supporting and training team members

Database structure and architecture design

Big data

Managing development processes

Business analysis and need assessment

System architecture development

Conflict Management

Staff Motivation

Decision Making


UNDP expert

2017 – present


Involvement in different UNDP financed projects as a consultant and development lead. Some of the projects include:

Development of Chatbot for the Consumer Protection Agency of the Republic of Armenia

Development of Chatbot for the Ombudsman Office of Republic of Armenia

Development of different tools on Datalex.am public information portal




Team Lead and Project Manager at Masys Information Systems LLC 

2008 - present 
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Main responsibilities include:

 Leading development teams in development and implementation of new software systems
Design & Implementation of software system architectures and database designs for big data applications Maintaining and improving the performance of existing software and database structures Communicating with management and technical support colleagues Reviewing and maintaining software products to ensure strong functionality and optimization Recommending improvements to existing software programs and database structures as necessary Collaborating with technical staff of the clients and creators to ensure each project meets a specific need Assuming responsibility for project tasks and ensure they are completed in a timely fashion Evaluating, testing and recommending new opportunities for enhancing the software, hardware and IT processes Evaluating and drawing conclusions from data related to customer behavior 
 2018 - present  Team Lead, Business Analyst e-Court project for the Ministry of Justice of RA A nationwide implementation of a distributed court automation system that aims to connect all participants of court case management process into one digital information space. Main technologies used: C++, Apache Hadoop, Elasticsearch, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SOAP, BARL Platform, XML   2016 - 2017 Project Manager  Shopware development team Lead the initiative of establishing a new team of developers for outsourcing project development for clients based in Germany and other Western European countries. Managed the full cycle of the development projects. 
 2018 – Present Project Manager and Team Lead ArmLex System for the Ministry of Justice A web service that integrates the workflows of all courts of Republic of Armenia with the Law Enforcement Service of Republic of Armenia. Main technologies used: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SOAP, BARL Platform, XML   2010 – present
Team Lead, System and database architect
DATALEX Court Information Portal
 A centralized directory for accessing valuable and useful judicial information, as well as providing citizens with convenient tools which make it easy to precede some court related actions. The portal’s search tool is integrated with the CAST System Database for searching and retrieving court case information. Main technologies used: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SOAP,   2013 – present  Project Manager and Team Lead Automation tools for the Union of Banks of Armenia Comprehensive case and archive management solution that automates the full cycle of Union of Banks of Armenia operations. Main technologies used: C++, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML 5, Adobe Flex, BARL Platform, XML  
 2012 – present
System Architect and Team Lead
Court Automation and Skills Transfer System (CAST)
  A software system that automates, controls and simplifies essentially the court processes and duties of judicial servants. IT comprises automation of one definite court as a unit as well as the systematization of all instances of the court system. Main technologies used: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C++, MySQL   2015 Team Lead, Database and System Architect NoLexis – A Swiss portal for lawyers and judicial practitioners Main technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, vue.js, C++, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, HTML5, CSS3   
 2015 Jul - 2015 Nov
Database expert and Senior Developer 
 Project: “Movable Property Registry for the Ministry of Justice of RA”  Registers the right to a movable property both for physical persons and legal persons. After the registration a special workflow is initiated, after which the applicant electronically signs the application for the right to the specified property and pays corresponding fee for the registration service. The system has advanced search capabilities, allowing users search based on various parameters in the register. The main users of the system are Banks and Notaries in Republic of Armenia. Main technologies: PHP, MySQL, C++, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash   2014 Database Expert and System Architect  Case Management for Special Investigation Service of RA - comprehensive case and archive management solution that automates the full cycle of Special investigation Services operations. Main technologies used: C++, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML 5, Adobe Flex, BARL Platform, XML  
Team Lead, System Architect
Enterprise Resource Planning for Enforcement Service Department (ESD)
- a complex case management software system automating all business processes of the enforcement agency and its officers. Main technologies used: FLEX, ActionScripts, PHP, C++, MySQL   2013 Team Lead, System Architect  Case and Archive Management for Prosecutor’s office of RA - comprehensive case and archive management solution that automates the full cycle of Prosecutor’s office operations. Complex Reporting system. Main technologies used: C++, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML 5, Adobe Flex, BARL Platform, XML    2011 – 2012
Senior Software Developer
Judicial Archives Management System (JAMS) 
- electronic archive database software aimed at controlling the records movement during their lifecycle which includes tracking, archiving, appraisal/reappraisal, retrieval, destruction, etc. The system is integrated with the CAST (Court Automation) System. Main technologies used: FLEX, ActionScripts, PHP, C++, MySQL   2010 – 2012
System Architect, Senior Software Developer
DATALEX public information kiosk terminals administration and operating software
- intended for running on kiosk hardware and providing access to court case data retrieved from CAST system database, allowing also to print out publicly available verdicts, access other legislation information, etc. Main technologies used: FLEX, PHP, SOAP   2010 – 2012
Senior Software Developer
Public Monitor Terminal software system
- intended for displaying on wall mount large monitors court case hearings daily schedule retrieved from the CAST system Main technologies used: FLEX, PHP, SOAP   2008-2014
Software Developer
Insurance Management Expert System (IMEX) 
- software solution aimed at providing full automation and easy management of the key business processes of insurance companies which include insurance policy, reinsurance and claims management, as well as the management of accounting and finances, insurance agents, human resources and other sectors of the company. Main technologies used: FLEX, ActionScripts, PHP, C++, MySQL   2008 – 2010
Software Developer
OMFICA.org Open Web Crawling System
- a distributed web crawling mechanism executing jointly by multiple legal entities for the creation of integrated Open Web Repository of World Wide Web content. Main technologies used: PHP, C++, MySQL  Senior Software Developer at Luxoft Armenia LLC Oct. 2005 - Aug. 2008Armenian Courts Automation and Skills Transfer projectCommunity tools for music portal (Forum, Instant messaging)Web-programmingDatabase developmentRawRip.com Independent Artists’ portal - a music distribution and artist management website created specifically to help artists to showcase, promote, facilitate and sell their digital art expression and for the Fan to discover, manage and purchase music and create online communities.Main technologies used: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C++, MySQL
Hybrid Recommendation Engine (HRE) - a system designed for the solution of music recommendation and content provisioning problems, such as similar sounding songs discovery, understanding of users’ music preferences to make song recommendations, searching people with similar music tastes.Main technologies used: PHP, C++, SOAP, MySQL Radio FireFlask - a web-based solution integrated with HRE system which creates personalized radio channels and playlists specific for each user based on analysis of its behavior statistics.Main technologies used: HTMP, PHP, C++, SOAP, MySQL

ACRA: Armenian Credit Rating Agency - structured to collect and process records from partner banks and credit organizations on consumer’s payment patterns of different credit obligations.  Consequently, the system provides web-based credit histories of data subjects (persons or organizations) identified by the system.Main technologies used: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C++, MySQL Software Developer at Brocoway LLCApr. 2005 – Jan. 2006Oracle, MySQL database developmentWeb programmingE-commerce systems
Software Developer at ISMA LLC 2003 – Apr. 2005C++ programming

 2003 – 2005 - Мaster's degree in Computer Science Yerevan State University, Faculty of Informatics and applied mathematics, Magistracy System programming department 
 1997 - 2001 – Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Yerevan State University, Faculty of Informatics and applied mathematics, Magistracy System programming department 
 Military Service 
 2001 - 2003               Ministry of Defense RA, HR Department                                    IT Specialist, Database administrator   Computer Skills 
 Programming Languages - PHP, HTML, XML, Javascript, VBscript, C++, C, Assembler x86, SQL, Turbo pascal, Lisp, MySQL, XML Platforms - MS-DOS, Windows, Unix, Simbian, Linux. Databases - ORACLE, MySQL, MS SQL, Elastic, Redis, MS Access, Interbase, Paradox 
 Languages   Armenian (native)             Russian (fluent)                       English (good) 

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