Yuri C.

ФрилансерыYuri Chernov

Украина Одесса, Украина
4 года назад
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на сервисе 4 года


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Personal data:

I am enthusiastic, always eager to learn and to achieve mygoals, cooperative and able to work both in a team and individually.Having tried many occupations, came to conclusion that I’m really passionate about developing. When reaching my aim I can easily work overtime and can master new technologies in no time and I never stop or give up until I get what I want. I have worked with multinational staff successfully, so it’s no problem to deal with customers or colleagues from all over the world. I cherish honesty and ability to overcome obstacles on the way to perfection.

The Odessa National Polytechnic University(Odessa, Ukraine)2003-2009

  • Major: Systems of Control and Automation
  • Diploma and qualification: master of Systems of Control and Automation

Professional Skills:

Operating System:

Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux Ubuntu.

Programming languages:

C#, JavaScript, C++, C, Java, Delphi.



Internet/Document/Web technologies:


Other technologies, environment:

GDI+, OPENGL, Winsock, UML, Unit test,IIS6/7,Crystal Reports, RemObjects.

Software and Tools:

MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012, DevExpress, SQLManagment studio,


Language proficiency:

English — speaking/writing/reading intermediate level.

Operational experience:

2011-current. ( http://www.infaned.nl/ + http://www.peopleinc.nl/ ).

Software developer in client-server environment for a Dutch customer, softin the field HR-managment.


2010-2011. Global ABC chemical industry.( http://abc-chemicals.com.ua/en/ ).

The Engineer-electronics engineer-programmer on manufacture.

Functional responsibilities:

Maintenance of regular functioning of the equipment of shop . Verification of hardware part of systems.

Development of software modules to provide, the requirements of the technological process.

Search and research of possible ways for optimization technological process for the purpose minimization losses of raw materials, by means changing existing control and management algorithms. Inclusion of new control channels insystems. Analytical processing data arrays.

Writing program modules to solve specified problems by using c, c++ .

2008-2009. The developer-programmer of system of diagnostic technical state of electric motors.

The basic duties in the project: Processing of statistical data (formation training samples, revealing of significant data, compression of data), developing mathematical model and its research for adequacy with package Matlab. Development the program model of system. Writing program modules of data intended for the analysis based on neuronet methods and formation of the decision on a technical condition of object of the control. (used language C# with use GDI +, ADO.NET).

2004-2007. The developer-programmer of the imitating program for management of shop diffusion process.

The basic duties in the project: Development of algorithms of management by shop with the subsequent program realization. (used language C# with use GDI + for graphic display of a course of process).

C#,Sql server 2005,Gdi+

2001-2004. The programmer of machine tools CNC. siron microtech ltd.(http://www.siron.com/)

The basic duties: Adjustment of machine tools CNC in view of properties of a formed detail, a material of preparations, a choice of cutting tools, high-speed modes, development of the program of formation of a detail, reception of a test party of details and its analysis on conformity to the set parameters according to the engineering specifications of a product. Used G-code,c.

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