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Appointment Setter - Cold Caller - Real Estate Sales Agent

500 - 1000 USD

Only Experienced Cold caller and Appointment setters who writes/speaks both English and Russian fluently!

We are a real estate agency selling investment properties and holiday homes with very attractive prices and payment plans... Most English and Russian speakers can easily afford to buy them...

Along with other lead generation campaigns we also generate leads by scraping targeted data from social media platforms.

🎯 We are looking for an experienced APPOINTMENT SETTER who can book qualified meetings.

💎 Requirements:

- Must be fluent in English and Russian

- Hungry for results and motivated

- Also Experienced in data scraping from ig and fb ( optional )

- Experience in real estate is a big plus

- Book at least 15 - 30 qualified meetings per month ( Online & Offline )

💎 Daily Tasks:

- Scrape data using our software ( optional but a plus ) 

- Cleaning the scraped data using excel sheet

- Reaching out to leads using our Whatsapp software and scripts.

- Qualifying the leads

- Booking appointments with qualified leads

- Follow-up in case lead is not closed or didn't show up..

You will have unlimited amount of leads to talk with so there is big potential!

💰 We will handsomely pay per show meeting or commissions from sales. We are open to different offers and negotiating an appropriate rate depending on experience.

Access to our crm will be provided so you can do a good follow up with qualified leads...

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feel this is something for you?

Look forward to hearing from you

Дополнительные инструкции
Do you have experience with cold calling , appointment setting?
Are you good at handling objections?
Do you speak Russian and English fluently?
Are you a hard worker ,how may hours can you work per day?
Do you have experience with real estate sales?
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