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Seeking a creative and inventive software developer who will lead in the development of thoughtful, innovative solutions to challenging problems in reverse engineering



 BS Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related field with 5+ years experience in software engineering, including 3+ years in technical project leadership. nowledge of existing exploits and the ability to analyze software and hardware for vulnerabilities. Embedded systems software design and implementation. Hardware design and prototyping. Proficiency multiple processor architectures and assembly languages. Proficiency with software debuggers and analysis tools such as IdaPro. Ability to obtain a DoD secret clearance.


 Projects may be technically challenging, with short timeframes, creating significant opportunities for personal decision-making and individual achievement. As such, an aptitude

for working in small teams or alone with minimal guidance is highly valued.

  1. 40 дней100000 ₽
    Максим Федчук

    I`ll do the best for Android

    Украина Харьков | 13 апреля 2017 |
  2. 20 дней200000 ₴
    Николай Малецкий
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    >> Ability to obtain a DoD secret clearance.
    Ability in my side?
    I meet all other criteria

    Украина Одесса | 13 апреля 2017 |
  3.  фрилансер больше не работает на сервисе

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