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It sales Manager(remote work)

истекло время актуальности

IT Sales Manager (Remote work)


CuboRubo is a young promising company that has established themselves in the international market of IT-services. The company develops mobile applications and websites, including own product, and cooperates with companies in Russia and Europe.

We are looking for that experienced go-to IT Sales Manager to provide their expertise in the sales field.  We require candidates to have at least 1-2 years of experience developing new clients into long lasting customers in an Sales Manager role in order to be considered for this opportunity.  In addition, this person must have significant cold calling experience as well as strong negotiating skills.


Requirements for the  IT Sales Manager include:

 Proven sales experience with the development of new clients into long lasting customers

Ability to establish professional relationships with top IT managers through lunch meetings and on-site visits

   experience in sales of IT - products: Android&iOS      applications, Web-sites and other IT projects.

Excellent communication skills

Experience prospecting and  building a network for new business opportunities and referrals

Cold call experience and negotiating skills 

We offer competitive total compensation package( base/bonus) .

Come work with us!!!!!

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