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Somuchmore Careers

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Somuchmore Careers

Somuchmore, the first European network for holistic lifestyle, is excited to announce a number of new job opportunities. Qualifications we're interested in are:
Senior Frontend Web Developers (html5, css3, angularJS, reactJS, AJAX REST, understanding UX and usability)
Senior/Middle Java Developer (Java, Play Framework, Hibernate, REST, SOAP)
Senior QA Engineer (cross-browser testing, E2E test automation for angular/react, load testing)
Experienced HTML Coder (adanced html5+css3 coding skills, experience with responsive design)
Ops Engineer (CDN setup, PostgreSQL DB maintenance, Salesforce integration)

What we expect:
Excellent oral and written communication skills (English).
You're experienced with TDD and know how to write clean, testable, maintainable code.
You work result- and solution-oriented. You're used to getting things done on your own, without supervision (we know that results-only work environment is not for everybody; that's why we ask every potential permanent employee to do a real work trial task, paid on the contractual basis).
We expect you to share the non-commercial goals of the project and the values of holistic, healthy lifestyle.

What we offer:
Your work will be evaluated solely based on the results. You will have full freedom to decide when, where and how you work, as long as you achieve the goals agreed (obviously given that you synchronize your communication times with colleagues and will be available in case of emergency).
We will do our best to provide you with anything you need for a productive work environment: from the best equipment to the office on an island in Thailand.
Our development process is aimed at minimizing interruptions and excessive meetings. We want you to be productive and have fun at work.
We'll encourage you to try and use the best technologies available and grow professionally. There's nothing that can not be questioned.
We are a company with a clear purpose. We have an ambition of becoming the biggest global lifestyle network, but we will never let commercial interests violate our values.
We will assist you in relocating to Berlin.
What is Somuchmore:

Everybody's got an amazing potential to make more of their lives. So much more! We started with the vision of making this world a little fitter, healthier and more mindful place - by bringing together people, who want to change for better, with those, who have skills and desire to help. Since our launch in January 2015 we created a network of over 50 studios offering courses of Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Crossfit, Martial Arts, Dancing and many other disciplines in Berlin alone - all accessible with a single card. And we keep growing rapidly. Since we're currently in the transition from the startup phase into the phase of big scaling, you still have a chance to become a founding member of the core team, making significant contribution to the company's major tech strategy decisions.

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  1. 60 дней750 $
    Миша Мархаин

    Работаю на http://www.insign.ch/ java программистом.
    Поддержна и создания сайтов на play framewrok 2.
    Нужна удаленная работа для повышения зароботка

    Украина Николаев | 11 мая 2015 |

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