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"HammeR Hat" Sticker / graphic

5400 RUB

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Oliver Hammer
Россия Новокузнецк
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  • Hammer
  • sticker
  • headhunter
  • human resources
  • hat
  • HammerHat

Dear friends,

I am looking for a vector graphic (sticker) for my "personal project", which will be named "Hammer Hat".

Some important background information:

1. My real surname is HAMMER (HammeR)

2. I am working in the HR (human resources) sector (recruitment, assessment, training & development etc.)

3. An interesting combination of a Hammer and a Hat would be welcome.

4. The result ideally shall be innovative, funny, seriously, interesting and a kind of provocative at the same time. ))

Please find some graphics below which may be help a bit to understand my "idea" and "taste".

Feel indeed free to provide yours and message me if you need any more input/information.

Thanks for attention and happy contesting!

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Победившая работа Евгения Витюка

Great work and good communication while the project. Thanks a lot!