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ФрилансерыAlex Gordiychuk

Украина Тернополь, Украина
2 года назад
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Knowledge of the principles of testing, testing as part of the QC and QA, test cycle, the code of ethics and psychology, types of testing; knowledge of software development models (classic waterfall, iterative, incremental model - Agile, Scrum, RUP); level testing features and types of tests each level; features dynamic and static testing, static testing types (review, static analysis); technology testing (specification based, structure based, experience based); test process management (planning, monitoring, control, members of the testing process), process management (practical application in Jira); Independence tests in the development of software; types of testing tools; database, database types, basics of SQL, especially the application, basic commands, MySQL; XML and HTML, foundations, especially the differences of application; Architecture Web application level features different levels; HTML, XHTML, foundations, differences, peculiarities of application; knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, LESS; basics of JavaScript, Ajax, CMS, Unicode; knowledge of types of graphs, practical use in creating web applications; through the use of HTTP, HTTPS protocols, HTTP elements; Web cookies and web cache, differences; Proxy server, DNS, TCP, UDP; knowledge of mobile technology and platforms, main types, especially the testing of various platforms, emulators; basic knowledge of Unix, Linux, other Unix like systems, differences from Windows, knowledge of basic commands in console Linux (Shell); virtualization, operating principles, basic types, characteristics of different species.
I practice creating test cases, manual testing of web applications, static testing documentation, automated testing with Selenium, creating real projects, trekking through the system, entering and tracking bugs (system JIRA), working with the application Teamcity (created and build) of with Magento, Wordpress, GIT, scripting in Testrail, working with Firebug, test forms using Selenium, creating databases, sample data dump Restore database change, the destruction of the database or table, association data or tables.
At a basic level know PHP + OOP PHP, javascript (eg animation on a Web page), XPath, features data transfer protocols (knowledge of architecture data transmission protocol level, the interaction between the levels of protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SSH), API REST, API SOAP (some practical skills), GET, WGET, CURL, XML (+ practice creating documents in a format xml, xsl)

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