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Andrei Smiiukha 

Front-end/Back-end developer, Engineer, Analyst, Product QA

+380 99 768 23 39

[email protected]


    Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, 2007-2013


Working experience:

Process Engineer at the plant «Zorja»-«Mashproekt», April 2013 – May 2014 

Wrote technological processes for workers and supervised the performance of working processes. Worked in a team.

Foreman (manager) on the production area in the manufactory at the plant «Zorja»-«Mashproekt», May 2014 – January 2017

Managed the team of workers, who repaired manufactory equipment on the production area.

Real Time Analyst in Work Force Management team in APC IT, January 2017 –  March 2017

Working with the phone, chat and email agents in a large American project for selling products for motorsport and styling machines. Creating the schedules for agents, managing agents to follow their schedules, working with the forecast, analyzing the variance between forecasted and actual volume, writing and sanding reports, working with the database, working in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), communicating via email and Skype.

Product QA in CAMO IT, March 2017 – Nowadays

- Finding the errors on the web-site and indicating them in the report;

- Bringing it to the performer;

- Preventing the occurrence of such errors on the web-site in the future.

Front-end/Back-end Development, June 2017 –Nowadays 

Hobby. Working with HTML, CSS, PHP. Working with graphic editor – Adobe Photoshop (psd to HTML). 

Technical competence:

OS: Windows, Mac 

Tools and technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP.

Foreign languages:

English: Upper-intermediate.

Personal qualities:

Good teamwork abilities together with an innate diplomacy.

Highly motivated and results oriented with the ability to plan ahead.

Like to learn something new. 

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