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Infastructure Engineer | System Administration | DevOps

Highly motivated and result-oriented IT professional with successful experience and in-depth knowledge in the field, including Team Leadership, Information Security Analysis and Management.

Directed advanced technology solutions delivery and performed technical operations to improve business growth. With a comprehensive understanding of the skills needed, able to provide high-level service and establish systems and processes to achieve organization’s goals and objectives. 

Proven team leader with strong communication and organizational skills, able to motivate and inspire people as well as build long-term trust relationships with colleagues and clients. 

Core Skills and Competencies

IT | Software Engineering | Computer Information Systems |Information Security 

Network Operations | Administrative Support | Security Incident Handling

Solution Management | Research | Collaboration  |Problem Solving 

Teamwork | Task and Time Management | Communication and Organization

Technical Skills 

  • Deep knowledge of Linux systems (Centos, Ubuntu), Linux based services/tools, script languages

    Experience in administration of Unix systems 21+ years

    Virtualization systems: KVM-libvirt, OpenVZ,  QEMu, VirtualBox, vagrant

    Experience of database management in Linux (Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, OrientDB)

    Familiar with Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes and Microservices

    Knowledge of configuration management systems (ansible, puppet).

    Building of an CI/CD pipelines. (Teamcity, Gitlab-CI, Jenkins)

PRofessional Experience IN LAST TWO COMPANY

Company 1

Team Lead - DevOps Engineer

  • Main responsible for keeping the production environment up and running as well as stable and responsive, leading the direction for the rearchitecture of the old legacy environment to a more reasonable, resilient, efficient, modular and DevOps oriented one.

- Management of IT infrastructure (servers, networking)

- More than 70 physical servers; O.S. mixed in Debian, Ubuntu, Proxmox, ESXi

- About 150 VM (KVM, OpenZV, VirtuaBox)

- Managing of Apache and nginx HTTP Web Server, HAProxy, MySql, OrientDB

- DevOps: procedure, automation and scripting

- Planning and migration to different DataCenter

- Networking (switch, router, firewall)

Company 2


- Successfully performed installation, configuration, and support for over 20 servers, Internet

gateways, database/web/email/proxy/development/virtualization servers.

- Established a monitoring and reporting system for the entire infrastructure.

- Oversaw clustering of the main sites and provided a quick solution delivery on any failure.


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