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Украина Киев, Украина
5 дней 11 часов назад
Свободен для работы свободен для работы
на сервисе 3 года

  • 3D Artist
  • 3d визуализация
  • 3D графика
  • 3ds Max
  • 3d визуализатор
  • 3D Animation


3D графика
946 место из 4490
Визуализация и моделирование
926 место из 3119
Позиция в общем рейтинге 208
  40100 место из 451711


We're a studio creating full-cycle interior and exterior 3D visualization and animation (starting with modeling from drawings or sketches, visualizing, creating camera routes, rendering and ending with postproduction), and 2D images (e.g., maps of the events). 

We create:

  • realistic 3D exterior and interior images;
  • 3D animations \ video presentations;
  • postproduction;
  • 3D \ 2D floorplans and maps;
  • 3D panoramas (360 degrees interactive images);
  • interior and exterior design;
  • 3D modeling.

Thanks to the workflow practice, You as a client can make reasonable changes in every stage - when it’s just a grey shape, when it gets colors, materials and textures, with all the surroundings, where the camera should go or how much sunshine you want to see in your future living room or a porch - step by step!

No matter how big or small your object is - we’re here to help. With a room, apartment, townhouse or a huge residential complex! Check out our portfolio, if you have any questions - just ask!

We are based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and work worldwide, so feel free to contact any time! 

Навыки и умения


Geneva hotel room redesign

3D графика 3D графика

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Bunny vs Fox interior design

3D графика 3D графика

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Office space

3D графика 3D графика

  2  0

Residential complex visualization

3D графика 3D графика

  1  0


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