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Украина Киев, Украина
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Инна Б.


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My name is Inna. I am 19 years old. I was born in the capital of Ukraine, in Kiev. In 2016, I graduated from the secondary school number 223 of the city of Kiev. In the same year, I entered the National Transport University at the Faculty of Economics and Law, specializing in philology (Germanic languages and literature). I study two languages: German and English, but German began to study only after entering the university.  In a few years I will receive a bachelor's degree in philology and will be able to work as an interpreter. But, of course, I do not want to dwell on this. I plan to enroll in a master's degree in one of the universities abroad. In my free time, I like to spend time with good. I prefer to visit interesting places (for example, exhibitions, museums, galleries). Also I like and just walk around the city. Between all this, I also love books, but only printed ones, because no electronic book can compare with the one you can touch , hear the rustle of pages, smell the book. I consider myself a fully developed personality. For all the years of my life, I attended a lot of circles: it was dance, swimming, art circle, singing. But all the same more important place in my life was occupied by dancing and English. And, of course, I chose English, having decided to associate my future career with him. Still I take a great interest in a photo. I like to capture some interesting moments in the photo. It can be absolutely everything, but most of all, it seems to take pictures of some sights in unusual angles or nature. By the way, it is photos of nature, in most cases, that are unexpected, when you can not predict what exactly you will get in the picture. But my biggest hobby is traveling. Even my biggest dream is connected with travel. I was in many cities, but unfortunately, only in Ukraine. I like to visit new places, learn about them something unusual, maybe even mystical. I'm easy on getting up. If I'm offered to go to another city, I will, of course, agree and, at almost the same moment, start packing my bags. But the Carpathians will always be my favorite place. Having arrived here one day, I come here every year, at least once. This is the place where I can relax my soul. Recently, I have one more hobby. Postcrossing. My teacher at the university told me about it and it seemed interesting to me. And it's true, it's such excitement and intrigue, to expect a new postcard, without any idea of where it will be from. Since I'm fond of it quite recently, in my collection there are only five postcards: from England, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Austria. I like making new friends, and thanks to postcrossing, I have made new friends from other countries. In general, I am a cheerful person. I love communication, with ease I can support any conversation. And despite my quick temper, I'm not a conflict, but if there is a conflict, I try at the same time to bring it to naught.

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