Sergey K.

ФрилансерыSergey Kovalenko

Украина Киев, Украина
2 дня 4 часа назад
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Personal Information 

Date of birth: 21th October 1990 

Address: Cherkassy city Ukraine 


Since 2007 to 2009 - Cherkasy Cooperative Economics and Law College in the specialty Accounting and received a qualification of a junior specialist in accounting. 

Since 2009 to 2011 - Cherkasy State Technological University and received a basic higher education in the field of accounting and auditing and received a bachelor's degree in accounting andauditing. Specialty: Accounting and Audit. 


Since 23.06.2010 to 30.09.2013 - Lesky’s Municipal Enterprise - Rural Service Center. Position: cashier, computer setup agent. 

Since may 2015 to august 2015 -Testmatic - "Software testing company" Position: QA - web testing and software testing. 

Since 2016 to may 2018 - Lesky school I-III levels in Lesky village. Position: Laboratory-engineer of computer classes. 

Languages knowledge

Ukrainian (native);

 Russian (fluent writing, fluent spoken); 

English (intermediate). 

My skills

✔Confident knowledge HTML-HTML5, CSS-CSS3 Sass Less, CSS grid system, CSS Flex 

✔Photoshop basic skill level for working with layouts 

✔Mid skills in Javascript, jQuery, creating simple animations tabs and etc .. 

✔Practical skills in creating WEB pages with the help of CSS3- HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Gulp, Git 

✔Practical skills writing scripts of varying severity 

✔Frameworks: Bootstrap 3-4, Skeleton, Materialize 

✔Passed courses: Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and Front-end course 

✔Team work experience 

✔ Experience with js, jquery 6 months 

✔Well knowledge office programs and office tools 

✔Well knowledge Windows operating system, Linux basic knowledge at the level of free use 

Some examples of my work: https:// https:// 

Personal Qualities

✔Advanced PC user ready to independently study specialized software 

✔Experienced of processing a large amount of information. 

✔Practical experience with the computer and various operations software packages. 

✔Respectfully and responsibly apply to my duties 

✔Doing sports have no bed habits

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Javascript Javascript

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