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Did you know that the Netherlands has much more to offer than only Dutch cheese, tulips, Shell, Ikea (yeah really; the main company is stated in Holland!), The Voice of..., Van Gogh and Rembrandt?
Yes indeed; me!

Because of around 30 year of working experience there is a wide range of specialties to mention. From origin I'm a Dutch guy but doing business in all kind of countries. Beside of course my native language Dutch I'm rather familiair with English and German, a little bit French en of course some Russian and Ukrainian.

My experience is all about creative design and project management. From origin design on paper and online (content management and SEO included) but since around ten year mainly landscape and architecture.

I work from my own company with the capacity of several projects at the same time. When I do my job I'm for sure not on holidays.

My lifestyle is active. That's why I like biking, sailing and mountain climbing.

During the years I did several studies and courses. Graphical design and Graphic techniques, Repro photography, color management, Business management, Dendrology and Ecology, Adobe certificates are some of them and I keep my knowledge in the full range up to date.

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