Dmitry L.

ФрилансерыDmitry Lutsko

Украина Чернигов, Украина
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Разработка под Android
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Knowledge in J2SE, C++ and Android SDK;
Working experience in Android Studio;
Have skills in working with: SQLite, OrmLite, REST API, Retrofit 2, Picasso, Gson
and XmlPullParser, Butter Knife, Design Support Library, VK API;
Understanding of Material Design Guidelines;
Understanding of MVP;
I'm developing android applications for one year.
In March 2017 I made a commercial application VKHelper by myself. Code you can
see on my github account. This is an application for administrators of VK groups.
They can look through statistics of their groups. I used MPAndroidChart library for
drawing graphs. I used VK API for getting information about groups and vk users.
Also I used Retrofit2 for backend part of this application. Backend shows
administrators who is rogue and used to lie about advertisements before.

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