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Professional profile 

Experienced engineer in writing C++ source for  x86 comportable  micro controllers for automatic process control on the factor. Overall working experience in IT is 10 years excluding education.

Professional knowledge

System, embedded and applied programming C, C++, Delphy, Assembler.
Deep mathematical knowledge with experience of application in the applied tasks.
Web programming and databases of php (Laravel framework), html, perl, mySQL, js, JQery, vue.js, Play framework(java).
Administrating of OS Windows (including server) line.
Administrating of OS Linux.
Tuning of the office equipment (scanner, printer etc).
Administrating the mail server.
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Specialist degree in computer science – Engineer Programmer, Faculty of Mathematic
Chernivtsy National University, Chernivtsy , 2001

Personal features of character: punctuality, communicability, ability to get along with people, purposefulness, selforganisation.

Absence of bad habits , personal car, rights of "В" category.

Work experience

22.03.2001-31.01.2003.  Engineer-programmer,  the chief of perspective developments section in Chernivtsi ”Promsoft”. 


  • Planning the  automation systems of the sugar-factory technological processes.
  • Embedded programming the Austrian firm’s (Shnaider)  industrial controllers by C , Assembler.
  • Creating the system  of visualization, controlling and management for DOS,  Linux by C++.
  • Administrating the Linux system, organization’s local network.
  • Starting-up and adjustment works on the customer’s objects.
  • Educating of personnel.

Examples of achievements : Adjusting and starting the automation systems of centrifuges management on 7 plants in Russia and Ukraine. The economic effect on some of them arrived to 100 000 dollars in a season.

10.02.2003-31.03.2003 Engineer-programmer  in “Моgos”, Kyiv.

Duties: Local network and web-site administrating.

15.08.2003-31.03.2005 System administrator in "АТV Producs-Ukraine". 


  • Local network and web-site administrating .
  • Doing changes in the web-site of company (php, html, mySQL).                                     
  • Doing changes and revision in the distributors’ rewards account program of the company (Delphy).


05.04.2005-31.12.2008 Engineer-programmer in " Ukrbudgasresurs" ( "Naftogasavtomatika"), Kyiv 


  • Planning of communication, automation and management of the mark points of the main gas pipelines networks.
  • Development of utilities and drivers for the controllers Fastwel 185-5, 686.
  • Test, improve and support of SOFTWARE ( C, C++,  Assembler).
  • Realization of the closed connection  protocols  with  specific devices (electric meters, systems of cathode defense, the systems measuring of technological parameters) via different  ports (RS 323, 485, ethernet).
  • Creation projects in SCADA systems and interface them with a hard level controllers of SА.
  • Starting-up and adjustment works on the objects of customer.
  • Educating of personnel.
  • Examples of achievements : Adjusting and starting of the systems of automation and communication of data abov ten mark points, compressor stations of gas pipeline of Urengoy-Pamara-Uzhgorod.
    Creation of documentation. Educating of auxiliary personnel.Warranty maintenance of product.
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01.01.2009-16.05.2013 Work as freelancer , in  web creating , SEO  and increasing traffic.

17.05.2013 - 30.11.2015 LTD ‘Irontrade’
Business manager of the regional representative office of productive company.

 1.12.2015 – present  Work as freelancer , in  web creating Laravel 5.4, vue.js, JQuery.   

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Нужен программист для создания сложных сервисов, БД, систем на WEB

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