Nadiia K.

ФрилансерыNadiia Kotvytska

Украина Мариуполь, Украина
11 месяцев 12 дней назад
Свободен для работы Свободен для работы
возраст 23 года
на сервисе 11 месяцев 13 дней


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 +212 693 875 387| [email protected]

        6 Rue Abbou Abbass Sebti Maarif 20330, Casablanca - Morocco  

    Born on 6th of December 1994, Mariupol,Ukraine

Work Experience

IXPLORE – Market analysis specialist                                                                      Casablanca – Morocco (2016)

• Market research

• Content creation and creative writing

• Community management

AIESEC in Morocco - National Vice President                                                          Casablanca – Morocco (2015 -2016)

• Implementation and downscaling of global strategies

• National projects implementation and management 

• International relations management

• Entity representative in external/national/international environment

AIESEC in Donetsk, Ukraine -Local Committee President                                        Donetsk – Ukraine (2014 - 2015)

• Morocco Head of Operations

• Team management and plan fulfillment (79% relative growth)

• National Leadership Award and national Personal Excellence Award

Personal English tutor                                                                                             Mariupol – Ukraine (2014)

• Course of private classes for 2 students and preparation for national examination.

International Experience

FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange Program)

• 1 year exchange experience in Salt Lake City, Utah, the USA.

Middle East & North Africa Leadership Summit, Egypt 2016

• Speaker

International Congress, India 2015

• Participant in the biggest strategic conference of AIESEC International, 700 delegates, 125 nationalities.

Middle East & North Africa Leadership Summit, Morocco 2015

• Participant

 International Train the Trainer conference 2014, Vienna, Austria

• Certified course in Facilitation and Chairing

   Educational Background

Donetsk national university of Economics and Trade                                               Donetsk – Ukraine (2012-2015)

• Faculty of International Tourism management

• International internship on hotel investigation (Slovakia –Czech Republic – France – Luxemburg –Austria – Hungary)

East Hollywood High school                                                                                    Salt Lake City, UT- the USA (2019-2010)

• Passed certified courses in Cinematography, Make Up Arts and Theater

   Mariupol Technical lyceum                                                                                    Mariupol – Ukraine (2008-2012)

• Faculty of advanced English and German languages.

•Numerous winner of local and regional language competitions.


Ukrainian – native speaker
Russian    – native speaker
English     – advanced, fluent proficiency
French     – elementary
Moroccan Arabic - elementary

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