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Украина Каменец-Подольский, Украина
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Артем Л.


Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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A talented iOS developer with hard skills of SWIFT, Objective-C and extensive experience in the building of high-quality native mobile applications for iOS devices.

I'm familiar with:
- UIKit
- Networking
- Social and Services (Facebook SDK, Twitter, VK, Instagram, Parse)
- Multithreading
- Map Kit
- Address Book
- CNContact
- AV Foundation
- Magical Records
- Core Audio
- MailCore
- Core Data
- Core Location
- Core Motion

Two things that are about me: high performance and great responsibility.

Навыки и умения



Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad) Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The app for doctors at private hospitals. Doctors can get a
daily data about their patients and registered calls, view
time-schedule in calendar. Implemented a tracking system
that allows to track current doctor’s location and his
presence online. Implemented push-notification that
inform doctors about new calls.

#Swift #UIKit #CoreGraphics #REST #XML #Multithreading



Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad) Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Goalzilla helps users to achieve their daily, repeated and
global goals. Every goal include a few actions that need to
be done to achieve a goal. User can see progress of a goal
in any moment and plan another actions/goals.

#UIKit #CoreData #MagicalRecords #CloudKit #QuartzCore
#Foundation #Networking #Multithreading



Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad) Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The app can be used for working with VPN service. Users
can create Virtual Private Network, misrepresenting their
IP addresses as addresses of chosen servers.

#Swift #NetworkExtension #NEVPNManager



Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad) Разработка под iOS (iPhone/iPad)

iPhone application is connected with special CardioQVARK
case for a phone that user should use. It helps browse
stored ECG and send cardiograms to a doctor for
consultations. Just attach fingers to the sensors and get a

#Objective-C #UIKit #CoreGraphics #REST #XML #Multithreading



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