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Work Experience

12.2015 --


IT Specialist

(Web developer and System Administrator).

CarDon (www.cardon.com.ua)

Wholesale and retail sales of automotive parts in the Internet.


 Support of present and constructing new functionality and content by enterprise web site.

  • Regular updating of the database:
  • Importing large amount of price lists (format: *.xls, *.xlsx, *.txt, *.csv) in the

enterprise database.

  • Improving administration of the web site.
  • Help and customer support concerning work with the web site.
  • Acquisition of new and support existing hardware functionality.
  • Maintaining the relevance and implementation of new software.
  •  Consulting employees how to use of IT-technologies.


  • Automatization upgrade process for the database:
  • Bringing to the general view of all price lists (preparation for imports) by the VBA;
  • Constant rewriting of code segments in the application to import price lists (C#).
  • Supplement the administrative part of the site with new features to facilitate the work of administrators.
  • Optimization and restructuring of the database: (MySql + PHP)
  • Significant reduction of operating time search engine on the site.
  • Storing large amounts of data in less disk space.
  • Easy and intuitive CRUD interface for on the website.
  • Filtering and sorting system of the database.
  • Automatic generation and email sending of price-lists.
  • Generating more than 10 types *.xls(x)-files

(price list, invoice, order sheets, statistic information) and import database information

from *.xls(x)-file on the website (PHPExcel).

  • Algorithm for price differentiation.
  • Adding structured data to search engines (schema.org).
  • Generation and periodically update the site map (250000+ links) (XML).
  • SEF url (.htaccess).
  • Connecting web-services external sites.
  • Addition of new functions and content, and fixing bugs in the pre-existing code.

Technologies used in the project:

html, xml, css, js (ajax - minimally).

PHP, MySQL, Smarty, PHPExcel.

Freelance (Help students).

OOP/OOD; Algorithms; Cryptology; Numerical methods;

Databases; Web; IT Bachelor diploma projects; Other.


  • Writing laboratory works and coursework for students.
  • Programming projects in Java, Delphi, C/C++, and VBA.
  • Projects in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
  • Creating Data Base and DBMS.



  • Self –Education (Online courses and tests).
  • Html-academy, w3school, Java-study,
  • JavaRush, Quizful, YII Framework.
  • Java (SE), HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP 5.5, YII 2, JS

09.2011 --


Specialist of Computer Science (IT specialist).

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

(Ukraine) (www.en.knutd.com.ua)

  • Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technologies
  • Department of information technologies of design
  • Algorithmic and programming, Automate workflow in the office, Basic
  • system analysis of objects and processes of computerization. Discrete
  • Mathematics, Computer circuitry and computer architecture, System
  • Programming and Operating Systems. Organization of database,
  • Computer Networks, The theory of algorithms, Object-Oriented
  • Programming, WEB-technologies, Computer Graphics. Intellectual data
  • Analysis, Programming Technologies, Technology of computer design,
  • Technology of Information Protection, Probability Theory, probabilistic
  • processes and mathematical statistics, Numerical Methods, Science-
  • Research work of students, Computational mathematics. Decision
  • theory, Graphical and computer design, Designing of GUI. Circuitry
  • computer, Economic. Ecology, Marketing and management. English,
  • Electro Technology, Labor Protection, Philosophy History.

09.2008 --


High School Diploma.

Kharkov Military high school (Ukraine).

Personal Skills

  • Mother tongue Ukrainian
  • Second language Russian
  • Foreign language English (Elementary proficiency)
  • Communication


  • Friendly, Confident, open-minded
  • Good communication with people from different people
  • Effective communication by using open body language.
  • Well advanced communicative skills- involvement in
  • various events, programs and conferences.

Organizational skills

  • Self-organization
  • Good team player, obtained during different projects at the university.
  • Disciplined and command skills acquired during studying at the Military High School.
  • Job-related skills
  • Reliability and studious.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Training skills.

Computer skills

Good command of Microsoft office: Word, Power Point,

  • Excel, Access + VBA.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Math CAD, Gimp.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 98 – 10, basic – Linux (Ubuntu).
  • Programming languages: Java (SE), PHP.
  • SQL (MySQL - NaviCat, phpMyAdmin).
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of computer construction.
  • Perfect understanding of principals OOP/OOD.
  • Good understanding of architecture MVC.

Additional Information

  • 01.02.2014 – 30.04.2014 Courses Java OOP “Code Essence” (www.codessence.net)
  • Duties and responsibilities during the courses: obtain the main skills of OOP (Objective Oriented Programming).
  • 01.09.2007 – 30.05.2008 Correspondence with MPTI (Moscow Physical Technical Institute)
  • Calculation various tasks on hard level of mathematic.

Intellectual skills:

  • Reusable participation in cogitative game between students and graduates of the university called “What? Where? When?” Winners of prizes and numerous diplomas.
  • Participation in school competences at Math, Physic, Chemistry, Economic and Informatics.


  • Playing guitar,
  • Coding programs,
  • Listening music,
  • Watching different kind of movies,
  • Travelling,
  • Spending time with friends.

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