Volodymyr D.

ФрилансерыVolodymyr Dehtiarenko

Украина Николаев, Украина
5 месяцев 17 дней назад
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Vladymyr Dehtiarenko
54000, Tzentralniy 138\12, Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Mail: [email protected] Skype: vladeg tel: +38-093-502-80-80

Position desired:
Application Development, Test Automation, Project Manager, Service engineer
Technical Skills
• Automation expert with about 6 years’ experience in testing, programing skills.
• Five years of experience in HTML, HTML5, CSS\CSS3, JS, JQuery, Ajax.
• Two years of experience in C++.
• Over six years of experience as automation team leader.
• Six years of experience of server administration (Unix, Linux, Windows 2012/2008/2003/2000/NT4.0).
• Four years of experience in information security, product implementation and development as authorized partner of Kaspersky laboratory. (Certificate №1109РА0587)
• Basic knowledge of web technologies (JQuery mobile).
• Basic knowledge of web technologies PHP.
• Basic knowledge of DBs Oracle, MySQL.
• Excellent knowledge of QA methodologies and application lifecycle.
• Android programing (ADT, Android SDK).
• Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
• Continuous integration server (Team City) – installation, configuration, design and administration.
• Nine years of experience in computer and copying equipment repair and maintenance, cartridge refilling service.
• Five years of experience of cell phone repair and tablet repair.
• Programming chips, software installing and recovery.
• Setting-up and servicing of CCTV systems.
• Other tools/technologies: Eclipse, Intellij Idea, Visual Studio, Xcode, SVN, Git, Selenium web drive, Robotium, Automator, Quality Center 9.0/Test Director, Tortoise SVN, , TeamCity, , continuous integration (CI, Apache Benchmark (AB), Android Studio 3.0.1, Jmeter, Jasmine, Notepad++, DevOps, JUnit and TestNG, Cygwin64 Terminal.
Professional Experience
2008-2018 The owner of the “MASTER-COM” service center store.
Sale and adjustment of systems. Software development. Mykolaiv, Ukraine
• Operating systems and servers installation (Windows, Linux, Unix).
• Websites and applications development (HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax, JS, Android SDK).
• Server administration (Windows 2012/2008/2003/2000/NT4.0, Linux, Unix).
• Global and local systems installation.
• Computer repair (desktop computers, laptop computers).
• Server administration: Unix FreeBSD (Apache, SAMBA), Apache Benchmark (AB), Windows Server 2003/2000/NT4.0. (Client/server technology).
• State registers development and testing (HTML, MySQL, PHP)
Senior thesis: Development of Automated Working Place and Formation of Requests to Consolidated State Registers. Project management, software testing, adaptation, development and application.
• Acted as a technical leader of a QA group.
• Developer of Java-scripting language.
• Installation of dedicated access lines.
• Servers installation and administration (CISCO control).
• Information security (standard Open PGP).
• Organization of stand-alone working places with remote access to database program
• In charge of test automation and continuous integration systems setup and support.
• Specialized in client-server and web technologies.
• Designed and developed automation testing tools using C++, PHP.
2. Vladymyr Dehtiarenko
1996 - 1999 SENIOR AUTOMATION ENGINEER - JSC "State Saving Bank of Ukraine" Mykolaiv, Ukraine

• Organization of stand-alone automated working places.
• Testing, maintaining and management of client’s software. (client/server technology).
• Organization and installation of global and local systems.
• Organization of dedicated access lines.
• Server administration Linux, Unix.
• Application development (Visual Basic, FoxPro).
Education and Trainings
Diploma of Specialist "Automation Systems Software" and obtained qualification of software- engineer. Main subjects and hours:

• Data Structure and Organization. (108 hours)
• Essentials of Computer Programming and Algorithmic languages. (324 hours)
• Process and Methods of Computer Information Technologies. (162 hours)
• Fundamentals of System Analysis of Computerization Objects and Processes. (162 hours)
• System Programming and Operation Systems. (216 hours)
• Calculation Methods. (216 hours)
• Probability Theory. (135 hours)
• Database Structure and Organization. (162 hours)
• Architecture of Computing Systems. (108 hours)
• Dialogue Systems and Computer Graphics. (162 hours)
• Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Design. (108 hours)
• Software Development Technology. (162 hours)
• Computer Networking. (162 hours)
• Evaluation of Test Data. (108 hours)
• Separate Operation Systems Software. (162 hours)
• Circuit Design Software. (162 hours)
• Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. (108 hours)
• Management. (54 hours)
• Functional and Logical Programming. (108 hours)
• Object-oriented Programming languages. (54 hours)
• Word Processing Computer Systems. (162 hours)
• Organization of Computer Integrated Production. (162 hours)
• Development and Maintenance of Socio-economic Software and Organization systems (297 hours)
• Computer System Processing of Graphic Information. (162 hours)
1991- 1992 State Vocational School Mykolaiv, Ukraine
• The collector of radio of electronic equipment and devices.

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