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Mehdi Mammadov

IPTV Expert / Software Engineer

Enis Behich Koryurek Sok. 4/6, Chankaya / ANKARA / Turkey

GSM: +90 (507) 164-3038           [email protected]


05/2013 - 09/2016       MBSys LLC / Baku
CTO / R&D Team Lead / Co-Founder
MBSys LLC functioned as a system integrator and provided services on solutions architecture and software development for a number of government and commercial structures in Republic of Azerbaijan. Some of the prominent customers were Public Television of Azerbaijan, National TV and Radio Council, Khazar TV, AileTV Cable Television.
My main responsibilities included:
  • Defining technical strategy and management of all aspects of the technical development of the company;
  • Advising other company structures with strategies to enhancing their efficiency in the technical aspects of the work;
  • Conducting research on advanced technologies and development of plans for their practical application both for clients and for the needs of the company;
  • Analysis of technical resources and processes to optimize engineering cost efficiency and to prevent losses;
  • Development of architectures for technical solutions both for clients and for the needs of the company;
  • Managing relationship with suppliers;
  • Direct involvement with the development of software products (as a developer of C, Perl, Lua languages);
  • Performing code analysis and testing of software products of company;
  • Control over quality of work performance aiming to early detection of errors and defects.
06/2010 - 12/2013       MBS MMC / Baku
CEO / Co-Founder
As the first IPTV service provider in Azerbaijan, MBS LLC created the largest Internet web-streaming portal and provided Internet broadcasting services for most TV companies in the country. In addition, the company was one of official Internet streaming partners of 57th Eurovision Song Contest, held in Baku in May of 2012. Another major achievement was Mobile TV (OTT service) solution for biggest mobile network of Azerbaijan, Azercell JV.
My responsibilities as CEO included:
  • Direct management of all of the structures of the company;
  • Developing both short-term and long-term business strategies and plans;
  • Development and control of all operational and business activities to ensure efficiency and compliance with strategy and mission of the company;
  • Practical application of decisions made in the board of founders regarding investment activities;
  • Building trusting relationships with key partners and stakeholders;
  • Acting as the main representative of the company in negotiations at all levels;
  • Establishing an organizational environment for the highly efficient work routines;
  • Building market strategies of the company in order to strengthen the company's position on the market;
  • Reporting financial, organizational, technical and other statements to the board of founders.
02/2003 - 01/2010       National TV and Radio Council of Republic of Azerbaijan 
Personal assistant of the chairman of Council
NTRC is a government structure and regulatory authority in TV, radio, satellite and cable broadcasting in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
My job responsibilities included:
  • Coordinating the work process of all of the departments of the Council.
  • Planning and preparation meetings and negotiations of the Chairman of the Council.
  • Preparation of press releases, holding press conferences, preparation of local and foreign press compilations.
  • Participation as an observer in the local and international events on behalf of the Council.
  • Maintaining membership on the Council in EPRA platform.
  • Coordinating international relationships of the Council.
Univercity: Univercity of Economics of Azerbaijan, Statistics
09/1995 – 06/2000
School: 95th school with an emphasis on mathematics, physics and computer science
09/1984 – 06/1994
Streaming Technologies:
  • Strong skills and longtime experience with streaming technologies based on OTT methodology;
  • Many projects implemented on OTT Multiscreen Television methodology;
  • Good knowledge of architectures of MVPDs and OVDs systems;
  • Strong knowledge’s of the theoretical foundations of adaptive streaming via MPEG-DASH, Adobe HDS, Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming technologies;
  • Knowledge and experience in well-known multimedia streaming platforms such as Wowza Streaming Engine, Nginx HTTP HLS module, Red5 Media Server, Nimble Streamer;
  • Experience in planning, deployment and maintenance of CDN platforms;
  • Good knowledge and experience in using open source software products and frameworks such as FFMPEG, LibAV and Gstreamer;
Experience in hardware accelerated processing of audio/video streams and files and development of original software solutions.
Broadcasting Technologies:
  • Strong knowledge of theoretical bases of DVB Broadcasting;
  • Longtime experience in building and maintaining DTV headend’s;
Good skills in installation and maintenance of DTV headend equipment’s from industry standard brands such as Harmonic, Ericsson (Tandberg), Cisco (DCM platform), WISI and etc.;
Experience in deploying STL's, television and radio studio's, playout systems (Playbox, Cinegy, Soundsoft Megamix, Airtime, RadioDJ, Ravendall Project);
Operating Systems and Virtualization Technologies:
  • More than 15 years of intensive use of Linux OS as desktop and server version;
  • Strong skills in fine-tuning of main Linux based system (configuration of real-time kernel, kernel modules, etc.) and various sub systems (Apache, Nginx, DNS, IPTABLES Firewall, Samba Server, Squid Proxy Server, MySQL, Percona DB Cluster, Wowza Streaming Engine, RED5 Media Server, Nimble Streamer, etc.);
  • Strong administrational and troubleshooting skills on Linux operating systems;
  • More than 6 years of experience with VmWare products varying complexity in large IT solutions projects, including the development of architecture, planning, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and management;
  • Practical experience in installation, maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting  and management of blade servers, configuring and zoning of SAN Networks and SAN Switches and in the administration of VSphere products;
  • Strong skills in designing highly loaded systems with high fault tolerance;
Software Development:
  • [ Perl ] More than 15 years of high-level experience as Perl developer;
  • [ Perl ] Experience in working on large projects;
  • [ Perl ] Strong skills and extensive knowledge of OO and ORM models;
  • [ Perl ] Experience in developing systems that interact with databases (MySQL);
  • [ Perl ] Experience and practice in problem solving and development of complex algorithms in software development;
  • [ Perl ] Extensive experience in Perl source code debugging;
  • [ Perl ] Good knowledge and experience in using modules from CPAN repository;
  • [ Perl ] Long term working practice with AnyEvent and Coro frameworks;
  • [ Perl ] Experience in development of high load systems;
  • [ Perl ] Strong working skills in XML, JSON, SQL on Perl;
  • [ Perl ] Experience in development of RESTful and JSON-pure architectures and services;
  • [ Perl ] Excellent knowledge in distributed computing, system and network programming;
  • [ C/C++ ] Ability to read legacy code;
  • [ C/C++ ] Good understanding of various programming paradigms for these languages;
  • [ C/C++ ] Experience in the use of software products with open source, adapting and modifying the code in order to actively project;
  • [ C/C++ ] Knowledge in development under Qt framework;
  • [ Objective-C ] Experience in the development of commercial products for IOS platform;
  • [ Objective-C ] Good knowledge of features, syntax and semantics of language;
  • [ Objective-C ] Experience in the use of third-party libraries and development own static and dynamic libraries, in creating reference documentation for them;
  • Other Languages: D Language; Lua; Bash.
Network Engineering:
  • Good knowledge of network design and architecture;
  • Strong skills in IGMP protocol and Multicast Routing;
  • Experience in LAN and Wan management;
  • Experience in network traffic analysis (tcpdump, Wireshark);
  • Experience in installation and managing network equipment from Cisco and HP;
  • Skills in IPSEC and OpenVPN solutions;
  • Installation and maintenance in networking for virtualization platforms, virtual switches (VmWare VDS & Cisco Nexus 1000v).
Azeri – Native                        Russian – Fluent       
Turkish – Fluent                    English – Upper advanced

AileTV IPTV / OTT Solution:

I led the development and implementation of solution of new IPTV / OTT service for the second largest cable television operator in Azerbaijan. Service had been launched in September of 2014 and currently has 5,000 plus subscribers. Subscribers are able to watch more than 200 television channels, of which 15 is in HD resolution. Architecture solutions designed to provide the most cost-efficient solution for the use proprietary software. In the development and implementation of the system, aspects such as streaming with adaptive bitrate, balancing on geo policy, protected authentication system and working under high loads had been taken into account. Various software components developed by our company tailored to meet all of the client’s requirements.
Web site of our client is http://www.aile.tv

Design and implementation of project of Internet 

television for APA News Agency:


An original architecture of solution for new Internet television channel for one of the biggest news agencies of Azerbaijan had been created. The project included complete installation services, configuration of equipment and software products of Master Control Room, two Broadcast Studio's, air automation systems, CG, MASM, NLE kits and infrastructures for encoding, recording and streaming. All work was carried out taking into account the resiliency and redundancy of key components. During the implementation of the system we developed software components based on customer’s needs and conducted training workshops for technical client’s personnel.
Web site of APA TV is http://www.apa.tv

LiveTV.az Streaming Platform:

LiveTV.az website live streaming was designed as an Internet broadcasting platform for all TV channels in Azerbaijan. Infrastructure of the project had been designed to work under high traffic load, which was tested during the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. Despite several DDoS attacks and record usage rates for our company software, the platform demonstrated high level of efficiency and reliability. The project relied on revenues of Internet streaming services, provided to a large number of television broadcasters in the Country, such as regional television channels that are part of the ARB holding, along with Public Television of Azerbaijan, Space TV, Khazar TV and ATV.
Psychology, Programming languages
Nushirevan Maharramov, Chairman, National Television and Radio Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku, AZERBAIJAN
Rahid Alekperli, CIO, ADA University, Baku, AZERBAIJAN
Samir Nuriyev, Main Account Manager, Cisco Systems, Baku, AZERBAIJAN
Date of birth: Nov. 18, 1977
Marital status: Married
Nationality: Azerbaijan

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