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Mac OS/Objective C
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Max Okhrimenko


Date of birth: April 03 1993

Telefone: +380933761533

City: Kiev

Email – [email protected]

Skype – Maxtreemua



Junior Objective-C developer.

Main skills:

Frameworks: Cocoa Touch, UIKit, GoogleMaps/Place SDK, CoreLocation.

Other frameworks, technology, libraries, API: Client-Server communication over JSON, CocoaPods, AFNetworking;

Understanding principles of OOP.

Web: WordPress.

Programs: Photoshop, Xcode, FinalCut, SonyVegas.

Completed projects:

Website(wordpress) –

(This website was designed and made by me personally.

Specifically for the design studio "Dihome".

Lead time: 1month).

My Code on GitHub:



18-20.11.2016 - SaaS Hackathon

Participated in the SaaS marathon lasting 48 hours.

(Team: ArchitectME)

2011-2015  KUBE Technologies

Assemble/repair self-service kiosks. Setting software and payment system.



2015 – 2016 DEVCLUB
Courses/Training programming.

Serially visit the IT trainings/seminars/webinars.


"Learn Objective-C on the Mac: For OS X and iOS" 2nd edition.

"Design Patterns – Just as the door"

In Addition:

  • English – Intermediate (Now in the process of learning);
  • Russian – Native;
  • Ukrainian – Native;

Personal qualities:

I learn quickly and absorb new material, sociable in a group, not afraid of difficulties, maintain composure in stressful situations.
I like active rest. Previously, I were closely involved in music. I follow the development of new technologies and devices.

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