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Казахстан Тараз (Джамбул), Казахстан
1 месяц 17 дней назад
Свободен для работы свободен для работы
на сервисе 2 месяца 7 дней

  • php
  • html
  • javascript
  • HTML5
  • Веб программирование
  • html developer
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Aдаптивный веб-дизайн
  • JavaScript jQuery
Арыстанбек О.


HTML/CSS верстка
3560 место из 18983
Веб-программирование 1
3016 место из 15066
Позиция в общем рейтинге
  27035 место из 406986


Hello! Do not you think that all the applications of candidates resemble each other? Come on, I will try to interest you in another way. 5 reasons to choose me as a performer! 1. The result is 100%. You will receive a ready landing page, start accepting customer requests and selling your products / services. 2. Always in touch. I am in touch most of the time of the day, so I promptly respond to your messages in the process. 3. Visual result. The process of working on a project for your convenience, I upload to the test server - you will see not a layout or a drawing, but your future full-fledged site with working buttons and forms. 4. Your adjustments. I will try to do everything perfectly the first time, but if you don’t like something, I’ll make edits until you say, “Everything suits me.” 5. Marketing recommendations. Five years in marketing have taught me to find errors that affect conversion. You will receive recommendations on how to attract customers and effectively sell your products / services. 

Навыки и умения


300 $Веб-программирование

HTML/CSS верстка HTML/CSS верстка


20 $Веб-программирование

HTML/CSS верстка HTML/CSS верстка

Адаптивный сайт для моб.



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