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Delphi/Object Pascal
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Project Name:

Deploying SaaS

Project description:

In new released version "1C" got an ability to work on OS Linux (both Server and Desktop) as web-services or Thin Client.

A decision was made to start implementing new functionality based on current IT Park, supporting the software of previous version at the same time. For internal services web server IIS was used, for access to the data through the Internet "web server Apache"

based on OS "Ubuntu server" was used. Different version of Software were to be launched on different virtual machines, using Hyper-v


  • Setup Linux distributive: Ubuntu server
  • Making network configuration
  • Making apache configuration
  • Publishing web services
  • Configure 1c server on Linux
  • Apply security settingson Linux
  • Setup and config Windows server and MSSQL server
  • Configure Hyper-v
  • Config and test IIS server
  • support operating status?!
  • Developing architecture solution for the software
  • Implementing required functionality
  • Working with Databases
  • Implementing data exchange with server
  • Implement receipt printing functionality
  • Setup OS on hardware
  • Generate certificates
  • Making network configuration
  • Setup client software
  • Support system in operating status
  • Elimination of possible failures
  • Help Desk
  • Making network configuration
  • Setup client software
  • Trainingteamfor furtherindependent work
  • Making template
  • Configure hosting provider
  • Deploying site on hosting
  • Fill content


VMware Workstation, Linux, iptables, apache, munin, Windows 2012 server, Hyper-v, MSsql, IIS, RAID, HP Proliant server G7

Project Name:

Developing multi-tire application for cloud exchange

Project description:

Idea of the project: To get rid of old software

which is not supported by OS higher then Windows XP.

Switch to representation model "software as a service"

Requirements: To create software, using modern

technologies which will implement data exchange in

real time with accounting system, located on a private


Result: A software with minimum-required functionality

was created to work with cash register which saved data

to database in case of no connection with the central




Delphi, FireDac, DataSnap, XML, SOAP, Rest, MSSQL, Indy, WinApi

Project Name:

Conduction, installation and support of network customer’s units

Project description:

Requirements: To unite structural units (more than 300) into

one logical network for safe data exchange between them and central structural unit. Develop the network based on OpenVpn technology and FreeBSD OS. Create LAN with the access to the Internet for structural units, which require communication with accounting system. Introduction ofe-mail system


  • Select an appropriate hardware (router, pc, etc. )
  • Installation of equipment
  • Cabling
  • Testing network state


UNIX, OpenVpn, networking, ipfw, Layer-3 switch, LAN, WIFI, routing, tcpdump, MTA Exim, SMTP, Pop3, Imap, SAMS proxy, Network Printers, Mikrotik OS

Project Name:

Installation and support of video surveillance system

Project description:

Requirements: Select and install the optimal hardware to implement

video surveillance system in structural units of the company

with an ability to monitor or replay any records from the cameras

from the central office. Ability to view video stream online.

Number of cameras: 150

Result: An optimal in price/quality for the client solution was found

and implemented using: IP-cam + NVR + NAS


  • Select an appropriate hardware (IP-cam, NVR, NAS etc. )
  • Installation of equipment


Broadcast, streaming, OpenVPN, routing, Nat, PoE

Project Name:

Migrate static website to CMS

Project description:

Requirements: Make template for Joomla CMS from static site template. Deploy it to web VPS-Hosting provider. Register domain.



Hosting, VPS, MySQL, Ubuntu, PHP, ssh, apache, HTML, CSS

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