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Misha Shikoryak

Odesa, Staroportofrankovskaya 59 — Ukraine

Contact. No: +380987701427

Email:[email protected]

Birth Date:18.11.1996

Personal Detail

Sex & Status: Male & Single

Nationality: Ukrainian

Languages Known:English(Intermediate), Russian, Ukrainian

Education Detail

Still student. 

Incomplete high education in Computer Science(4 years) from Odesa National Maritime University at computer science direction.

I have 6months experience as software developer(back-end, internship) in Provectus.

Career objective:Intern/Junior Java

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages:java, javascript

    Operation Systems: Windows 7-10, Linux Ubuntu

    Tools & Technologies: JSP, SVN(GIT), Maven, Gradle, Spring, Hibernate

    Databases:Mysql, Oracle, Mongo

    Others: Multithreading, UML, OPP, ORM, Rest API, Servlets, SQL, XML, JSON, jQuery, C++(for using Java Native Interface)


  • A high tolerance of stress and enjoys responsibilities

    Quick learner with good grasping ability

    Action-oriented and result-focused

I have too many projects. Some of them:

Projects Details

1Cross-platform command line https://github.com/Nekres/Java-Command-Line

  • - Duration:Nov 2016 — Apr 2017

    - Team Size:1

    - Developer and Tester

    - Skills Used:Java, Windows, Linux Ubuntu, multithreading, socket programming, Maven, GIT

This is a command line which supports basic commands such as: tree, cd, pwd and other. If program that was entered into stdin not found, app trying to find the program into user“s computer. User can run everything he want, for example mysql cli, or maybe git cli. Important aspect is that user can run app on any platform, and join into stance, where app listening for incoming connections and allows to connect to it remotely by UDP(telnet for example). Connected users can whisper messages to each other, see their ip-addresses and temporary name.

2 — Simple chat using JSP. https://github.com/Nekres/LetterService

  • Duration:June 2017 till now.

    Team Size:1

    Developer, Designer, Tester and everything else)

    Skills Used: Java, Linux Ubuntu, servlets, maven, git, mongo, jsp, javascript(ajax)

https://letter-service.herokuapp.com/- link to registration and login page. 

Project still not finished, but will be finished in the near future. Simple chat with registration(already works) and messaging. Project is hosted on heroku, and uses free Mongo DB on https://mlab.com/. Idea is to make project without highlevel frameworks to understand sessions and cookie-sessions deeper. 

3. Library manager. Simple CRUD-interface. This is test task from Provectus. https://github.com/Nekres/LibraryManager-CRUD-

  • Duration:June 30 2017 till July 3 2017

    Team Size:1

    Developer, Designer, Tester and everything else)

    Skills Used: Java(Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat), Linux Ubuntu, maven, git, mysql, jsp

Web-interface to buy books, looking books by genre or by author surname and name. Also you can log as superadmin to add new books, edit and deleting existing books. 

Detailed description at Readme on github. 

4. Cloud Rest API. Test task from Radian Soft.


  • Duration: 4 days.

    Team Size:1

    Dev, Tester

    Skills User: Java(Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat), Linux Ubuntu, docker, maven, git, mysql

Rest-api to store files at remote storage. Each user has his own storage. Detailed description in Readme.

Навыки и умения



Javascript Javascript

Простенький чат с аватарками и диалогами. Всё еще в разработке. Сообщения уже можно отправлять по ID. Сервер написан на java, клиент на js.


Library Manager

Java Java

Simple CRUD web-interface. Used: Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Mysql,JSP,Spring Java Config, Maven.



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