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My name is Vitalii, i am from Chernihiv, Ukraine. I have over 6 years of extensive experience in web development for individuals and buisnesses.

Expereienced feelancer with various projects behind. Started in Upwork not so far. Passionate, hard worker, which solving problems and don't stopping on occasions

Here is a full list of my skills and experience:



✔Ruby/Ruby on rails;





When you need my essistance:

✔ Web developing

✔android developing

✔ lending page

✔ web site

✔ frontand developing

✔internet magazine

If you're interested in successful implementation of your projects I'm the first person to help you!

I'm a young and ambitious professional oriented on long-term relationships.

I'm the one who will make your site unique and brings you a lot of money!

If you have any questions I'm avaliable 24/7! You're welcome!

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Доработка программы и сайта

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