Yana L.

ФрилансерыYana Lushch

Перекладач, можу працювати більше 30 годин на тиждень

Польша Wrocław, Польша
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Dear Company,

I am very interested in the Freelance Translator position that you advertised. With more than 1 year of both written and spoken translation I believe that I would be perfect for the role of Freelance Translator.

My most recent job was an interpreter role in Mission Essential Company in Ukraine Army Combined Training Center. I was responsible for translation for multiple soldiers and leaders covering a wide array of subjects and topics, both military and civilian. I quickly translated and conveyed intent, also provided insight to cultural norms and context.  I am also exceptional at meeting customer needs even when they are not sure what they want. I believe that I am ideal for the role of Freelance Translator because I am confident and reliable in my language skills.

Because i posses the unique ability to predict a customer's needs I believe that I would be a great asset to your team of translators. I am available to talk about the position at any time and hope we will get in touch soon.


Yana Lushch

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