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200 $

Ancient-Greek Language Reader

истекло время актуальности

We are looking for a person with knowledge of the Ancient Greek language for temporary position of a Reader.


Reader receives a list of references to an ancient Christian books, including the name of the book, the chapter, the paragraph, and an English translation of the Greek text from this paragraph. His goal is to find the original Greek text online

Required skills:

  • Good command of the Ancient Greek language and English;
  • Internet savviness;
  • Self-organised personality

The work is remote, so the city of residence is of no importance.

No previous experience needed.

The work is to be done from home, estimated workload is about 4-8 hours a day in average.

Salary depends on number founded quotations, around 200 USD for a work of one month.

Applicants will be asked to perform a test assignment.

Please send your applications in English with your CV.

In the body of your email please specify why do you think you are fit to fill this position.

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Maria Babiy
Эстония Нарва
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16 февраля 2015
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