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Auto Fill Program

истекло время актуальности

Ekonsulat design for submit all application in Poland Embassy of India

They will release appointment dates each working Mumbai- Monday at 10am & NewDelhi-Tuesday and Friday at 3.00 pm Indian time

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday they will update 2-5 dates in the website, the point is every date can register at least 20 applications. This program must be at least 10 completed applications (automatically)

The website has some kind of 2 security method, which should be explicitly and secretly (hidden), the developer must understand the security methods and the final result must be registered in the completed 10 pdf file at opening time (every Monday Tuesday and Friday)

Visibly developer can see 1 recaptcha security method and 1 other mathematical calculation captcha on the website.


https://secure2.e-konsulat.gov.pl/Uslugi/RejestracjaTerminu.aspx?IDUSLUGI=1&IDPlacowki=21 1

  1. 15 дней50 000 ₽
    Вадим Ярмольський
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    Good afternoon, I want to offer my services as a web-programmer.
    There is real work experience.
    I have been working with HTML and CSS for more than 4 years
    We can negotiate the price / terms
    There are examples of works (Contribution, see Profile)
    I know programming languages:
    -Java Script
    -AJAX / JSON technology
    Ready for a long collaboration
    Waiting for your reply...

    Украина Луцк | 10 августа 2019 |
  2. 441

    13 дней50 000 ₴

    There is experience in the development of sites, online stores and their subsequent testing.
    Ready to start your project.
    Let's discuss the details?
    @ Coffee1ake

    Украина Киев | 10 августа 2019 |
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