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Content for a landing page Car rental in Miami Airport

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I need a creative SEO copywriter to write a 1000-word article about car rental in Miami airport, Florida. The text will be about tips and peculiarities of renting a car in Miami.

  1. 1 день200 ₴
    Ирина Харлан-Пламеневская
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    I know a lot about car rental and can write this article as soon as possible. uah 50|1000 symb

    Украина Одесса | 11 октября в 14:31 |
  2. ставка скрыта фрилансером
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    Илья Р.
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    Hi there,

    I will write an informative, full of useful tips article for you.

    Deadline: 15.10. But it can be faster if you need.

    Check out my portfolio:

    Украина Киев | 12 октября в 13:48 |
  4. 3 дня200 ₴
    Тарас Гетьман

    I think it's in my power to write an informative article which might interest you. Just provide me with the information about content of this article.

    Украина Ровно | 14 октября в 16:50 |
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    Даниил Григорьев
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    Dear Iris,
    I'm a professional copywriter\translator with a profile education (English Philology) and long-term experience in writing content for various US, UK and EU markets' projects. Moreover, I've been writing and localizing content for the worldknown car rental service Rental24H (English and Turkish languages). All the details can be discussed privately.

    Украина Киев | 14 октября в 09:54 |
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    Алиса Третьякова
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    Сейчас ищу один проект на постоянную работу.
    Опыт есть.
    Начну работать сегодня.
    По стоимости своих услуг ориентируюсь на ваши пожелания.

    Украина Харьков | 14 октября в 14:10 |
  • Iris Milton — заказчик проекта
    11 октября в 14:16 |

    FAQ - Car rental in Miami Airport [MIA], Florida, USA

    Article in English - general FAQ part of a landing page about a specific location (e.g. Miami airport).

    • Do not write from the first person.

    • The text should be useful and readable for the user.

    • There should not be too long sentences.

    • The article should only contain information useful to the target audience, without unnecessary phrases “it’s worth noting”, “as all people know”, “without any doubt”, etc.

    • The text should contain paragraphs (40-60 words in each one. It is desirable to start the headline with key queries.

    • Use at least 2 bulleted lists with not less than 8 bullets.