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    My name is Mike Cho. I am a result-oriented writer. I have experience in various academic fields including technology, social science, architecture, psychology, business, and other. I strive to deliver a quality writing service way before the deadline for my clients.
    Rate: $2 per 100 words
    from $5per hour
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    My name is Sandro
    4 years experience
    Rate: $2 per 100 words

    There are things that no one teaches either students or professionals - how to work
    productively and at the same time maintain themselves.
    Many assume that the best employees are those who are 24,7 in touch, carry out all the
    tasks and easily fit into any team. In fact, this is not so easy!
    On the internet you can find a lot of researches on the topic of productivity, and if you want
    to deepen your knowledge on this issue with foreign studies, then The Word Point
    translation service is the right way to consult all those materials in your native language.

    1. Be happy at work: always look for the positive side
    We have already said it: even the darkest situation, we are sure, has some positive
    aspects. Identifying them can be a good starting point to be happy at work, or at least try.
    Maybe the salary can give you the charge, or the convenience of the workplace, or a good
    relationship with colleagues.
    Speaking of colleagues ...

    ... try to make friends and to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere even in the
    workplace. It is the place where you spend most of the day together with people you hang
    out for (over) 8 hours a day. Better to have allies ready to help you when you're in trouble
    rather than enemies, right?
    Scientists also say so, if needed: those who work in a peaceful and positive environment,
    surrounded by pleasant people, have more chance of being happy at work than those
    surrounded by colleagues who are always angry or sad and unmotivated. Furthermore,
    according to some studies, having friends in the workplace is a strong motivation to go to
    work willingly.
    2. Try to avoid quarrels
    It is difficult to create a peaceful working environment if you continue to criticize
    colleagues, launching poisonous arrows, looking for opportunities to fight and gossiping.
    Don't you think so?

    3. You dress like everyone else
    Clothing is not everything. But if you want to rise to a position or take a leading position, it
    will be easier for the boss to represent you in this position if you look as if you already
    occupy it. It is also a great way to stand out among colleagues.
    But stand out taking into account corporate principles, with a sense of proportion and tact.
    If you work in a law firm, most likely you will look more conservative than your friend who
    works in a design agency.
    4. You never ask for help
    Sometimes it’s helpful to ask others for help.

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    Good day, Oleh.

    I am interested in this content marketing/copywriting project and have relevant experience. My rate is $5-10, depending on the workload. Let's have a chat and discuss the rest.

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