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Create a complicated Angular 2 Form

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I have an Angular 2 application. So it has frontend, which can be run locally for easier development.

One of views has very detailed view of "business plan calculator". I need to create "Business planb wizard Wizard" which will by nice dynamic form to generate json rows and submit them as initial plan.

Form need to have following elements:

Start date:

Acceleration Curve:

Visitors per month:

Registered Users per Month:

Customers/Orders per month:

List Of products with prices, cost, volume per month:


Advertisement and Promo:



Create Button (which sends API request)

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Taron was clear in communiction, he was asking questions, and professionally completed task to build the webform, exactly as i needed. He was flexible and open for discussion when any complexity occured. I will be very happy to work with him again. Strongly recommend. Thank you!

  1. 2 дня1 000 ₴
    Andriy Danilyuk

    Hello Fedir!

    My experience with Angular 8 (2) https://shanti-dev.com/ua/cars-service-presentation-project/ Final cost I will provide after review of source code

    Украина Харьков | 22 октября в 16:20 |
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    Taron Chatoyan
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    Hello Fedir !

    I got excited about coming across your job proposal at as I am confident in my skills and qualifications.

    I am experienced in Angular 2+ and Angular JS.
    I have worked on real projects, one of which is CRM system, the others are related to the Cryptocurrency that were written in Angular6 and Angular7.
    I have work experience in Vue.js for more than 2 years.

    My CV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1StfC6KC1zUPEvqgPc5W1s89Q2JZqLOlb

    Feel free to contact me.
    Here is Telegeram: @Taron_Chatoyan
    Email : [email protected]

    Армения Erevan | 26 октября в 23:33 |